Heathrow Airport – A Travellers Guide


Heathrow Airport is one of the major entry points into England. If you are an international traveller and you are coming to London, you will almost certainly enter the country via Heathrow Airport. Even traveller’s passing through are most likely to be using Heathrow as a stopping point than one of London’s other airports. As London’s foremost international travel hub, it is huge and complex; better to go in prepared, than get caught out and lost in a new country.



London Heathrow is one of the world’s busiest international airports. With about 90 airlines using Heathrow as a base, you can imagine how complicated and busy the place gets; especially when the airport was not initially designed to accommodate the vast numbers that pour through its halls today. Heathrow has five terminals that divide up the many different airlines and destinations between them. Knowing which terminal you are departing from is vital when trying to figure out where to go when you head to the airport. There are three different stations for London Heathrow when heading to the airport by tube; a stop for Heathrow Terminals 1, 2& 3, a stop for Terminal 5, and a stop for Terminal 4. Planning ahead and making sure you are going to the correct terminal will save you a lot of trouble transferring between.

Getting There

London Heathrow may be seventeen miles away from the centre of London, but getting there is thankfully very simple.There are quite a few different transport options to suit all sorts of traveller’s and budgets. The most efficient in terms of price and time is to catch the Heathrow Express, a train that travels non-stop to London Paddington; it will get you into town in just 15 minutes, but is a little pricey for budget travellers. The speediest option if you are on a budget is to catch the tube. The Piccadilly Line goes through all three Heathrow Terminal stations and travels from there in through the centre of London and on up to Cockfosters. The trip will only cost you about five pounds, but it will unfortunately take forty five minutes or so to reach the centre of London.Car rental is of course available from a variety of different companies, though it maybe more efficient to rent from within the city unless you are heading straight out of London.Busses and taxis are also available, but are generally too slow or too expensive respectively to be worth using if you are heading to the centre of London.

Where to Stay

If you are stopping over in Heathrow on your way somewhere else and want to avoid the hell of sitting around in a terminal all day, do not worry. There are a large number of hotels nearby London Heathrow that will let you get some rest in luxurious comfort before you have to board your plane. If your stop over is a bit longer and you want to see some of London while you are visiting, staying at one of the Lancaster Gate hotel is a superb option that provides easy access to London’s west end. Plus the Heathrow Express will take you quickly to Paddington and back out to the airport when you need to catch your next flight; there is a discounted rate for return trips making this option especially attractive.


If your stopover isn’t long enough to get out into London, or you arrive too early for your flight, don’t worry; Heathrow is well equipped with shops to suit all tastes and interests. On both sides of the security check you can buy clothes, luggage, shoes, fine jewels, souvenirs, games, foods and fancy electronics. There is more than enough to keep you busy for a few hours wait, and there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops if you need a pick me up.