Got A Sweet Tooth? These Are Our Favourite Candy Stores!


It’s not just the high-class restaurants and fancy eateries that bring people to London every day. There are countless smaller shops, cafes and stalls that offer an amazing selection of delicious sugary treats for visitors to satisfy their sweet tooth. Whether you’re a chocolate addict or a sucker for lollypops, you’ll feel like a kid in a hundred candy stores when you visit the UK’s capital. If you want to taste some of the city’s best sweets then this collection of candy shops will help you get the sugar rush you need.

Candy Store-London


This museum of sweet treats on Carnaby Street is where chocolate fairy tales are born. Step into this amazing world of confectionary magic and feel as though you’ve been transported into a sugar-filled scene from Alice in Wonderland. The deep red and dark wood decor is alive with a collection of chocolate frogs, birds and all kinds of other creatures. The amazing culinary creations in Choccywoccydoodah become part of the furniture as you make your way through the beautifully scenic sugar-filled chocolate gallery.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

No one can say they’ve been to a candy store like this before, unless they were a vampire in a previous life. The quirky sweet shop markets itself as a supplier to ghosts and ghouls with treats such ‘brain bits’ for zombies. Despite the hilarious packaging and product descriptions none of the products sold at this Hoxton Street sweet shop actually contain pieces of brain. Such an imaginative take on the classic sweet shop is what sets this one apart from the rest. Some of the proceeds from Monster Supplies also go towards the Ministry of Stories, an initiative set up to help writers mentor young children.

Sugar Sin

Go back in time to your childhood with this traditionally elegant sweet shop in Covent Garden. The boutique-style sweet dealer proudly takes on the name sin in a world of sugar-shaming and health-obsessed diets. This is no place to feel guilty about your sweet tooth. The quaint, pastel coloured interior is a place for indulging your sweet guilty pleasures. With wall-to-wall jars full of every classic sweet you can think of you’ll be spoilt for choice and may have to walk away with more than just one bag of sweets.

Suck and Chew

This traditional style sweet shop looks like something out of a 1950s American movie. The vintage weighing scales, old-school till and traditional red and white coloured bags will make you feel as though you’ve just walked into the same shop where Charlie bought the chocolate bar containing the final golden ticket. While this is not quite the same as Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Suck and Chew gives you the same magical feeling you used to get when you were a child with a pocket full of change and a craving for sweets. Browse the shelves and look for your favourite sugary treat in the never-ending colourful glass jars. Fill your bag with one of your favourite sweets or treat yourself and get a mix of different things.