Get to know London’s Parks

Royal Parks London

London is famous for things like the Royal Family, Big Ben and the Underground. One thing that often gets overlooked is the amazing greenery dotted around the city. The parks in and around London are some of the best and most well-kept in the world.

Royal Parks London

Because we’re so close to one of the city’s biggest parks, we at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate can vouch for the beauty you can find in some of London’s green getaways. If you want to find out more about how you can escape into nature during your city break, here’s a guide to some of London’s best parks.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park London

This is perhaps the most famous park in London and often gets referenced in films and TV shows around the world. The park itself is located in the centre of London, just north of the River Thames. As one of the city’s biggest parks, it’s regularly used as the staging area for different events and demonstrations.

As you stroll through the park you will uncover many secrets and hidden spots along the way. Poets Corner for example is a sanctuary for public speaking and was designed to advocate freedom of speech, serving as a platform for many speakers and performers through history. You also won’t want to miss a visit to the Italian Gardens in Hyde Park and seeing the array of artistic works, scattered amongst the trees and ponds.

St James’ Park

St. James Park in London

As one of London’s oldest Royal parks, St James’ is full of history. The huge lake is home to the area’s most famous residents, the pelicans. These big birds can be seen floating along the lake all day and if you get there at the right time you can watch them being fed. The Horse Guard Parade is also regularly performed at this beautiful location, as well as other ceremonial demonstrations. If you want to escape for a relaxing walk or an afternoon lazing in the sun, then there’s no better place.

Richmond Park

A Panorama of London viewed from Richmond Park

This Royal park truly is an escape into nature thanks to the hundreds of deer that roam freely around the grounds. This is a paradise for those who love wildlife and want to get away from the bustling city. Photographers will be overwhelmed with the astonishing amount of picture-perfect opportunities to be found throughout the space, from beautiful flora and fauna to scenic backdrops for a special selfie.

If you’re a cyclist then you’ll be happy to know that Richmond Park is full of cycle routes which offer different levels of difficulty.  The area is located on a hill, meaning you can expect some of the best views of London when you get to the top. St James’ Park has more activities than any other, with two golf courses, riding stables and even power kiting. Visiting Richmond Park feels as though you’ve left the city and entered the countryside.