A foodie weekend in London


London is known for its diverse mix of cultures and nationalities, and from this melting pot, some of the best traditional food in the world emerges. The city is home to many restaurants, chefs, street food trucks and cool eateries, all serving up a range of flavours and styles inspired by ingredients and dishes from around the world. The history of street food in London is rich and vibrant, and filled with innovation, tastes and textures from the four corners of the globe.

Local street vendors are often overlooked, but many of them serve some of the tastiest food you can find. We’ve put together a few examples, so after you’ve enjoyed your luxury breakfast at Lancaster Gate Hotel, you can head out and see what other types of food London has to offer.

Borough Market

This is London’s oldest local food market and is full of fresh produce and prepared meals that you can pick up and eat straight away. Located in Southwark, the market’s stalls have been serving food lovers for over a thousand years. Over a period of centuries, the market has grown and changed, but it remains a vibrant part of London’s food scene to this day.

Borough Market prides itself on offering exceptional produce, and it lives up to its reputation as one of London’s best local food markets. With everything from fresh meat and vegetables to baked goods and artisan food, Borough Market gives visitors a true taste of London’s history.


This quirky food van is a perfect example of the unique styles that London has to offer when it comes to food. If you’re a fan of traditional Mexican food then the burritos served up by the friendly staff at Luardos will blow your mind. With a huge range of filling choices, you can design your wrap from the ground up. If you find yourself strolling down Whitecross Street then keep an eye out for the brightly coloured van.

BBQ Dreamz

Get a real taste of the east at this traditional Filipino barbecue stall. By using the freshest and tastiest ingredients, the experts at BBQ Dreamz create some of the most delicious food you will taste. With a variety of different meat, fish and vegetable dishes to choose from, you’re sure to find something to tickle your taste buds at this Broadway Market eatery.

Camden Market

Camden is known for being one of London’s most culturally diverse areas so it’s no surprise that the food stalls at Camden Market offer food lovers a huge range of different flavours and styles from all over the world. You can enjoy traditional Indian curry, or grab a genuine Polish Kielbasa. Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, the international stalls offer some of the tastiest local food you can find. If you’re looking for a taste of London’s diversity then Camden Market is the place to find it.

Here at the Lancaster Gate Hotel we appreciate the cultural history of street food in London. We also know what it means to make great tasting food, so if you don’t manage to find anything to savour while you’re out and about in the city, try our luxury restaurant.