Family-Friendly Tours Around London

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Taking a trip together as a family can sometimes be a little bit of a challenge, as you naturally want to make sure there is plenty for everyone to enjoy together. However, London has a wealth of things to explore, and there is plenty of family-friendly fun to be had. Rich in culture, history and great adventures, there’s something for all ages and you’ll rarely find a dull moment in the city.

Read on for some great ideas for your perfect family-friendly tour in London.

Take a trip through time

Trafalgar Square

London is rich in history, and the city spans back over 2,000 years, after being founded by the Romans as an important fixture on the River Thames. Since that point in time, the city has attracted people from all over the world, and has been the home for countless kings and queens, emperors, warriors, traders, artists and more.

A great way of exploring the city as a family is to take a trip through some of its many historic sites. If you’re staying at hotels near Lancaster Gate Station London, it’s very easy to get around comfortably and quickly to many of the city’s top attractions, without hassle or complications. Public transport via the Tube and buses will help you zip around important heritage sites with ease, and the Lancaster Gate Hotel London itself has some fantastic landmarks within walking distance too.

Discover the city from its pre-historic and Roman origins, and work your way through time. Take a closer look at the remains of the city’s Roman foundations, with a glimpse at the original London Wall, that once marked the boundaries of the city, as well as the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre. Then learn more about medieval London by visiting the mythical London Stone, or the grisly and fascinating Clink Museum, once the oldest prison in England.

Explore the wealth and cultural heritage of the Royals that have made their home in London over the centuries, by taking a trip to some of the magnificent regal fortresses, palaces and residences around the city, and get a feel for the glorious days of the Victorian era, by looking around at the stunning Kensington Palace, where Queen Victoria spent her childhood.

Explore London’s green side

Hyde Park

For families that hate to sit still, London’s rich outdoor life might the perfect way to get a feel for the city. The Lancaster Gate Hotel London is in convenient distance of Hyde Park, one of the city’s most renowned and open Royal Parks. You’ll find plenty to do here, from charming historic walks and monuments to see, to physical fun and games as you have ample space to run and play in. You can even take a dip in the outdoor pool, with a separate area for children, for a refreshing way to invigorate the whole family. Reward yourselves with a delicious chocolate afternoon tea afterwards.

If your family loves to take a closer look at nature then there’s plenty to see. The ZSL London Zoo is globally renowned, and the well-maintained zoo provides a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about wildlife, from the tiniest insects to awe-inspiring huge mammals. For a slightly wilder experience, take your family down to Richmond Park, where you can gaze in wonder at the beautiful wild deer, as they roam freely around the park. Just make sure you keep a polite distance!

Discover the magical heart of London

If your family are keen lovers of the world of Harry Potter, then no trip to London is complete without a magical visit to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, where you can go behind the scenes of the well-loved films, and enjoy a little time in the stunning Great Hall, wander across Diagon Alley, and sip on a pint of delicious Butterbeer. The studio tour is easy to get to by train from hotels near Lancaster Gate Station London, and trains run regularly throughout the day. It’s best to book ahead as tickets for the tours are often sold out on the day.

The studio tour isn’t the only way to experience a little of the Harry Potter magic when you’re visiting London. If you’re planning your London accommodation offers ahead of time, then check out tickets for the renowned play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which takes audience members into an exciting new adventure set in the magical universe. While tickets are extremely high in demand, careful planning might just yield some great rewards.

Finish your spellbinding trip to the city with a visit to the original Platform 9 ¾, at King’s Cross Station. The famous magical platform can be found within the station itself, complete with a half-disappearing luggage trolley, making the perfect photo opportunity. Don’t forget to visit the Harry Potter store nearby, where you can pick up on house attire, magic wands and other great accessories.

Take in London’s many renowned museums

Tate Modern

Lastly, a tour around some of London’s fantastic museums is a great way to enjoy some laidback time in the city as a family. With many museums offering free entrance, it can be a great value option for a day out, and with plenty to learn and explore, there’s never a risk of anyone getting bored.

You’ll find everything on display from stunning ancient history in the British Museum, to exciting sabre-tooth tigers, dinosaur remains and pre-historic meteorites at the Natural History Museum. Plane lovers won’t want to miss out on the excitement of seeing some of the world’s most thrilling planes throughout aviation history at the Royal Air Force Museum, while the Science Museum has plenty of colourful and intriguing interactive exhibits to keep curious minds busy and active.

Most of London’s museums have well stocked cafes and restaurants, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to rest and refuel after a day of exploring. You can also find some great workshops and events taking place, with many tailored towards different age groups, interests and activity levels.