Exploring Kyoto Garden in Holland Park

Kyoto Garden in London

If you don’t fancy yourself a thrill-seeker and you’re not in search of busy clubs and pubs, the gorgeous greeneries around London are perfect places to escape to for peace and quiet. Perhaps you’re heading to the city for a weekend break after months of stress at work. Well look no further than the beautiful and tranquil Kyoto Garden. This quiet corner of London can be found hidden away in the historic Holland Park, close to the Park Grand Lancaster Gate London. The Garden has a rich history and is full of wondrous beauty, so we’ve put together a useful guide for you to get a closer look before your visit.

What’s great about this quiet little green getaway is its size. Because it’s considerably smaller than some of London’s other famous natural spaces like Hyde Park, it’s tranquil and calming. You will often find the garden almost empty depending on the time of day, which means you can spend time walking through the grounds in peace, savouring the space and the opportunity to wind down and calm the mind.

Kyoto Gardens London

Kyoto Garden is located next to a large playing field which is perfect if you want to bring the kids along on your visit to the Park Grand Lancaster Gate London. Spend an afternoon relaxing in the sun as your kids run around and play with their friends. The field is also perfect if you want to play sports. Grab a football and have a kick-about with your friends or put a game of cricket together for a bit of fun and exercise.

The unique thing about Kyoto Gardens is the design and feel of the grounds. It’s as if the designer has created a hidden pocket of Japan in the middle of London. With traditional Japanese ornaments and a gorgeous carp pond, the garden is a peaceful paradise full of rich history and authentic design. It’s easy to close your eyes and feel as if you’d been transported to Japan without ever leaving London!


We highly recommend taking a stroll along the edge of the pond and watching as the colourful fish swim around peacefully in a seemingly rehearsed motion. You’ll also want to admire the beautiful wildflowers and traditional monuments that are scattered throughout the garden. The tranquillity of Kyoto Gardens makes it a perfect place for meditation if you want to calm yourself and empty your mind.

The space was design and created in 1991 as part of the Japan Festival, which was organised to celebrate the long-standing relationship between the UK and Japan. Not only is this beautiful garden a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery, it is also a celebration of Japanese culture and the rich history behind it. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon of games and sports in the park opposite and cap your visit with something slower paced, or you’re looking for a quiet getaway to read and relax in the sun, Kyoto Gardens is a great choice.