Explore the wanders of Queen Caroline’s Temple


One of the many attractions in the Paddington area for those staying at the Park Grand Hotel Lancaster Gate is Queen Caroline’s Temple situated in the Kensington Garden Park. First opened to visitors in 1821, the Queen’s temple is a beautiful, three-chambered construction found near the centre of Kensington Gardens.

Queen Caroline was the niece of King George III, famous for his bout of madness in the late seventeen hundreds. Caroline of Brunswick, formally the Princess of Wales, would go on to marry King George IV and much controversy surrounded their marriage due to George’s various mistresses. Much of the graffiti found inside dates back to the early nineteenth century, just one of the interesting facts that come alongside this park steeped in Britain’s Regal history.

Queen Carolines Temple in Kensington Gardens

Aside from Queen Caroline’s Temple, the Long Water, just to the left of the Temple was also created for this famous British monarch. The Long Water is a stretch of lake which leads to the majestic Serpentine, creating a grand centre piece to the park. Other sites to look out for include Kensington Palace, the official London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge which holds a famous statue of Queen Victoria at its front. Other monuments include the Physical Energy Statue, erected in 1907 and the 13th century inspired Albert Memorial with its intricate spires and detailed statues, located just across the road from the Royal Albert Hall. The Elfin Oak is also of note; a sculpture created from the trunk of a centuries-old oak tree and even featured on the front cover of famous rock band Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma album.

Kensington Gardens hosts a plethora of dining choices. The Italian Garden’s café is located in the Italian Gardens area of the park and invites guests to enjoy light breakfasts and a variety of teas coffee’s and light café snacks. The Broadwalk Café and Play Café are located next to the Diana Memorial and playground, serving flatbread pizzas and giving children the opportunity to play in the Diana memorial playground whilst parents can sit back and enjoy the Kensington Garden view. Other dining choices include the ornate Orangery Restaurant and The Magazine, situated on top of the Serpentine Lake.

Kensington Garden’s is a mere five minutes’ walk from the Park Grand Hotel. Taking a left out of the hotel entrance you can take a right down Craven Terrace which will lead you directly to Kensington Gardens. The nearest tube station to Kensington Gardens is Lancaster Gate station from which you can take the Central Line.