How to experience London on a budget this New Year

london new year

After spending a fortune over the holiday period, most of us will be tightening our purse strings and trying to recover financially in January. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a fun city break in London.

Despite what many people think, it is possible to find budget accommodation London that still offers the same luxurious experience that the city is known for. To help make your time at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate extra special and wallet-friendly, we’ve put together a list of cost-saving suggestions.

Take a walk

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While their are a number of guided tours and special activities to take part in during your stay at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate, you can just as easily see all of the best parts of London without spending a penny. All you need is your own two feet, a sense of adventure and perhaps a location app on your smartphone. Head out into the city and make your way around the bustling streets to discover the beautiful landmarks and historic attractions that make the city so special.

Cards and coupons

While planning your trip to London and booking your stay at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate, there are services you can sign up to that will save you a lot of money as you explore the city. If you plan on using public transport during your time in the capital, buying an Oyster Card is essential. There are tourist travel cards that you can apply for which will give you a reduced price and help you cut down your holiday costs. If you still want to experience the amazing attractions, be sure to check out the London Pass which gives you access to a huge range of activities at a lower cost.

Street food

Street Food

A lot of the time, cheaper options can actually be just as good as the high-priced, premium alternative. Food definitely falls into this category in London. The city is a rich melting pot of different flavours from cultures all over the world. As you walk through vibrant areas such as Camden and Lancaster Gate, you will find all kinds of vendors and street food trucks that regularly cook up vibrant dishes full of flavour. If you don’t mind missing out on antique China plates and expensive bottles of wine, there is a whole world of flavour to discover on the streets of London.


Natural History Museum


It’s no secret that London is one of the most expensive cities in the country to visit but there are still plenty of places that can fill your afternoon with fun and excitement without the need for money. There is a wide selection of museums and galleries dotted around the city which have no entry fee for example. Head to the famous Natural History Museum to learn more about the planet or make your way to the Tate Modern and browse the amazing collection of contemporary and alternative art. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or knowledge, the historic institutes of London offer something truly special to tourists from all over the world.