Everything You Should Know About the Enlightened Princess Exhibition At Kensington Palace


The breathtakingly beautiful Kensington Palace has been a hotspot for tourists and photographers for years, thanks to its gorgeous classical design and quaint gardens. The palace has provided a home to countless famous royal figures throughout history too and is currently the official residence of a list of famous names including Prince Harry, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Kent.

Parts of the palace are currently open to the public and it’s easily reached from our hotels near Lancaster Gate. This means you have the chance to walk through the historic halls and browse rare artworks and antiques from the Royal Collection. Art lovers and culture seekers will love the latest exhibit to go on display. The Enlightened Princess showcases the story of three German princesses who married into the British Royal family at a time of enlightenment in in the country’s history.

During the enlightenment period of the 18th century, Great Britain underwent a series of scientific, political and social advancements that propelled the country forward. It was a time when inventors, scientists and even princesses were able to express their creativity and help push forward a number of industries and ideas.

This period was also a turning point in the history of the British monarchy as three princesses from Germany married into the Royal Family. The wide-ranging collection of interests and talents held by the three royal women made them well-respected figureheads of the time. The exhibition at Kensington Palace is a celebration of their achievements.

Princess Caroline, Princess Augusta and Princess Charlotte all made their way to Britain in the 18th century in order to solidify the bond between the UK and Germany and they each married into different parts of the Royal Family. But instead of spending their days living in luxury, buying expensive clothes and enjoying the high-life, they spent their days gaining knowledge and trying to advance the world of science and help society move forward. The three royal women were all educated to an advanced level and had a range of interests from writing literature to creating art.

During their respective lifetimes, the princesses spent a lot of time and effort conversing with scientists and thinkers of the day and promoting the latest journals and literature. They were also big advocates for a number of charities and each used a lot of their resources to help improve the living conditions of common people. Here at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate hotel we value the history of these iconic women, which is why we highly recommend you check out the exhibit that celebrates their lives.

The Enlightened Princess exhibition will showcase hundreds of items, documents and artefacts related to the lives of the three princesses. From Charlotte’s hand-crafted embroidery to commissioned paintings and pottery, the exhibit creates a timeline of their lives. It will take you on a journey through history as you learn about three of Britain’s most iconic royal women. The collection will be displayed at Kensington Palace up until November 12th which means you have plenty of time to organise your stay at our hotels near Lancaster Gate. This places you just around the corner from this amazing and insightful event.