Essential Steps Before Boarding a Flight


Going to your destination by air is the easiest and quickest way but it needs proper preparation and precautions so that you do not violate any of the norms related to air travel and you have a comfortable and hassle-free journey. Given below are a few suggestions:

Check Baggage Allowance: Before packing your bags, you should check with the airline company regarding their policy about the number and maximum weight allowance both for check-in and for carry-on luggage on the flight, as each airline has its own set of regulations. This will enable you to pack within the limits and avoid having to pay excess baggage charges.

Pack Light but Carry All Essentials: Although it is essential not to over-pack, you should make sure that you take with you all such things that you normally use and cannot do without. By packing light you will get the advantage of being able to carry your bags easily without causing any pain in your shoulders, neck or back. Moreover, if you pack light, you will be able to do your shopping being confident that you have sufficient space in your bags to keep what you have bought.

Follow Security Rules and do not Carry Liquids in Hand Bags: You must respect security concerns by not carrying liquids exceeding 100ml and sharp items in your carry-on bags. If you do so, you will certainly get caught and will have to lose your valuable shampoo, perfume, hand-cream, scissors or Swiss-knife.


Check Your Visa Status: If you are visiting a country that needs a visa, you must make sure that your visa is valid. Moreover, you must check with the embassy of the country that you are visiting about whether there has been any change in their visa policy recently.

Ensure Your Credit/Debit Cards Are Active: Before travelling, you must get your credit/debit cards activated and call your card bank to inform them that you are travelling to particular destinations along with your travel dates because if you fail to do so, they will believe that your card was stolen whenever you use it out of the country of issuance.

Get Your Mobile Phone Activated for Roaming Services: Before leaving, you should call your mobile network provider to activate your roaming services as it does not get automatically activated when you leave your country. By activating beforehand, you will be aware of the roaming rates and can avoid expensive bills.

Activate an Out-of-Office Message: It is important to do so as everybody will be informed that you are not in office and that you have no direct access to your mailbox and as such you won’t be able to reply to their messages straight away.

Try to Complete On-Going Work and Hand-Over Unfinished Work: Before leaving, you should try to complete all on-going work and if you cannot do so, you should hand over the unfinished work so that you are not disturbed with calls relating to your work during your vacation.

Do Not Use Mobile Data: You must try to avoid using mobile data at all cost as it can prove to be very expensive.

Keep Important Phone Numbers Handy: Although phone numbers of your important contacts may be stored in your mobile phone, it is still important to write all important numbers in an agenda that should include the numbers of your close relatives, friends with whom you will be travelling, the places where you will be staying, and emergency numbers in the country where you will be going. This is necessary because you should not be left high and dry in case you lose your mobile.

Flight Timings

Carry Enough Cash and Ensure Credit Cards are Settled: Credit and debit cards are the safest mode of carrying money but in case these are not accepted for some reason in the country you are visiting, you would be in a real mess if you do not have enough cash on you.

Carry Relevant Maps and Guide Books: It is important to be sure of your bearings when you are visiting an unknown territory. Carrying relevant maps and guide books will keep you on track and prevent any possibility of getting lost.

Research the Quickest and Most Convenient Mode of Transfer from the Airport: You must know exactly the best, quickest, most affordable and safest option to get to your hotel from the airport so that you do not have to waste time in queues at the information desk or in haggling with taxi drivers.

Check the Weather Forecast: You must plan your visit according to the weather forecast for that particular destination at the time you will be undertaking the trip. It will help you to choose the right type of clothes to carry and be prepared for any adverse weather conditions.

Club Room at Park Grand London Lancaster Gate

Make Proper Hotel Bookings: You must reserve your room at the hotel of your choice well in advance so that you do not get hassled by having to look for a suitable accommodation within your budget when you land at your destination. If you are visiting London, it will be best to book a room at one of the Lancaster Gate hotels as they are located close to most places of interest in the city and also offer comfortable accommodation at affordable cost.

Prepare a Rough Itinerary: Before landing at your destination, you should have your itinerary ready for each day of stay so that you will know exactly your programme for the day and not have to consult others.

Keep a Book, Laptop or Tablet With You: These can be very useful in case the movie being shown on the TV in your flight is not to your liking or if you have some free time during your trip.

Always Keep Your Mobile Phone Fully Charged: If you use your mobile phone excessively, it is likely to get discharged easily. As such, you should recharge it at the first opportunity, particularly before boarding a flight.