Tea is a definitive staple of culture. Alongside fish and chips and cricket, tea is one of the most loved aspects of British culture. It’s also true that no other country, except for those where the ingredients, tea leaves, bergamot oil, are imported from, can make a good cuppa like the British do. It has become such a staple that there are definitive British tea rooms cropping up all over the country. What better way to spend an afternoon than with a hot pot of what makes the UK such an iconic place to visit. With the amount of tea rooms in London you think it would be easy to choose where to spend an authentic British tea time, but with so much choice can come a feeling of being overwhelmed.

On that note, the Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel have made it easier for guests looking for an afternoon treat. Their unique afternoon tea deals are versatile and as authentic as the next tea room. With a range of menus to choose from, be prepared to experience afternoon tea from the comfort of the Craven Lounge.

Traditional afternoon tea

The classic afternoon tea at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate is made up of a wide array of mouth-watering treats. These include a diverse range of finger sandwiches, scones, macaroons, tartlets, muffins and even cream doughnuts. A lot to digest for an afternoon tea, right? Well it doesn’t stop there, you also have a wide range of teas to taste, from herbal concoctions to the simple builder’s tea, you’ll feel refreshed and satisfied with our traditional tea, bringing it back to the best in British basics.

Chocolate afternoon tea

On top of our delectable dishes in the traditional range, you’ll be treated with the best in cakes and chocolate alongside your tea. Whether it’s a special treat for you and your partner or you just have a sweet tooth, the chocolate tea will indulge you with triple chocolate loafs, banana and walnut cake and chocolate muffins, all washed down with our extensive tea range.

Champagne afternoon tea

In the mood to celebrate this afternoon? Then look no further than our champagne tea range. Alongside the benefits of the traditional afternoon tea, we’ll serve you the very best glasses of champagne on offer at our hotel.

Indian afternoon tea

Taking tea back to its cultural roots, the Indian afternoon tea is a concoction of Indian snacks and some of the best teas from country. With spices, herbs and the world-famous Bombay Aloo as an afternoon snack, there’s no match for this perfect twist on the afternoon tea.

Ice cream afternoon tea

Looking for some melt in the mouth tea goodness? Then look no further than this delicious ice cream afternoon at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel. This afternoon tea features tea flavours of your choice adorned with an assortment of ice cream cones and ice cream sundaes. Whether it’s a sunny afternoon or you want to feel like it’s one, then the ice cream afternoon tea is melt in your mouth perfect.