A Crafty Beer In London? Read The Park Grand Lancaster Gate’s Guide To The Best Brews


Over the last few years the craft beer scene has boomed in Britain, with hundreds of large and small breweries creating new custom blends and flavours every year. The last decade saw the number of pubs all over Britain begin to decline, but the huge surge in popular indie beers has seen a revival of the UK beer market. London has embraced this new trend with open arms and has seen the opening of numerous local breweries and beer brand dealers. If you fancy yourself a beer connoisseur then here are a few of London’s best brewers of craft beers.

Best Brews London

Brixton Brewery

This London-based brewery has created a name for itself on the UK’s craft beer scene. Initially set up in 2003, the established beer company was the brainchild of two couples. The founders were passionate about quality alcoholic drinks and saw a chance to take advantage of the growing popularity of the craft beer scene that was spreading into Britain from the US. The family-run company specialises in handmade beers that are crafted using a blend of traditional techniques and modern flavourings. There’s a lot of inspiration taken from America and Europe in the crafting of Brixton’s drinks, but the end result stays true to the wholesome nature of traditional British Ales. Pop in on your way back to the Park Grand Hotel  Lancaster Gate after a day of sightseeing.

Camden Town Brewery

This is another brewery located in the heart of one of London’s many vibrant and culturally diverse boroughs. The Camden Town Brewery was set up back in 2010 when the craft beer scene began to boom. What sets these beer creators apart from the rest is their high-tech brewery, which is essentially the adult beverage equivalent to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. If you really want to get up close and see the beer making process then head down to Camden and take part in one of the brewery’s tours. The modest factory is just a Tube ride away from the Park Grand Hotel Lancaster Gate, which means you won’t have far to travel.

Gipsy Hill Brewing Company

Big flavours and modest strength are the key ingredients for the moreish brews produced by this creative lager producer. The company was established by three friends who are the faces of the company’s unique branding. From the beginning the aim was to create great tasting original beers with a medium ABV percentage so that drinkers can enjoy more of Gipsy Hill’s tasty flavours without getting tipsy too soon.

The Park Brewery

Based in the Kingston area of London, this family-run brewing company specialises in bold, hoppy beers that provide locals with a refreshingly original drink. For such a small enterprise run by a husband and wife, The Park Brewery boasts a wide ranging menu of big flavours and unique blends. You will find many of their drinks in pubs and bottle shops around Kingston and greater London. If you’re a fan of the big flavours that US beers offer then you’ll find something to your taste at The Park Brewery.