Consideration Goes a Long Way


As soon as you step onto the Tube, it is inevitable that you will not find a seat and may experience unexpected interruptions to your journey, but if you keep a cool, calm and collected composure then this will ensure that the daily commute will be far less stressful as a whole.

If you have to face the dreaded rail-replacement services and find yourself crammed into a carriage which you could only describe as a makeshift sweatbox, just remember that it is not only you who is suffering, as hundreds of people are also experiencing the same problems.

Opening the door for other shoppers or pressing the button on a lift for other passengers is common nature, and if you are on the bus, train or tram then you simply must give up your seat for the elderly, pregnant ladies and those with mobility issues.


Manners cost absolutely nothing, and your inherent kindness will be welcomed in a city well-known for its busy, bustling atmosphere. As soon as five o’clock comes around, there are hordes of eager commuters desperate to make it home in time to whip up a quick supper, or head out with friends for a night on the town.

Many residents who choose to live outside of Zone 1 (due to the fact that it is considerably cheaper) will opt to stay out for a post-work pint in order to avoid the rush, and instead board the tram a couple of hours later so they can have a sit-down and a read of the daily paper.

You can make everyday life so much easier if you just take the time out to relax. Recent studies have determined that it can be a minefield knowing exactly how to behave in certain social situations. One of the key factors is to consider those in your immediate surroundings, and think about how you would feel when placed in their shoes.

Eating on public transport has raised prolific and important questions in recent times. You have to avoid consuming foodstuffs which would be considered unpleasant by fellow travellers, and if you are in dire need of nourishment then choose something inoffensive, such as a simple ham sandwich or packet of salted crisps.

Noodles, boiled eggs and tuna jacket potatoes are considered an absolute no-no, and if you want something hot and filling, then a bland cheese-based panini will do just the job. If you want to feed your child in public, then be discreet, and wear a sash or shawl in order to avoid unwanted attention.

Mobile phones are a bone of contention with the travelling public, as they are there to enhance our social lives and not impede them. It is extremely rude to pay more attention to a flashing mobile phone than a real-life human being, and if you are in a high-end restaurant or bar then it may be prudent to switch them off altogether.

One of the biggest bugbears for those working in the retail sector is when people take a call right in the middle of making a large transaction. They should also be turned to silent in theatres and cinemas, as silence is golden, and the audience will not thank you for interrupting their viewing enjoyment with a sudden text alert.

If you are expecting an important call, then tell the other person you are with well in advance so it is made clear that you are not prioritising general social interaction above actual face-to-face contact.

Unless it is an emergency touch-up before a job interview or deadline-breaking conference in the boardroom, you should avoid putting make-up on public transport. It can significantly jeopardise that all-important first impression, and make you appear unprepared and slightly disorganised.

The same goes with reclining a seat on an aeroplane. You must consider everyone around you and think how you would feel when placed in their position. It is extremely selfish to recline your back seat during shorter flights, especially in the daytime. If you choose to travel via plane, then stay within your designated space and do not dominate the armrest. Also, avoid kicking the back of the seat, as this can cause discomfort to the person in front of you.

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