As one of the business capitals of the Western World, London draws hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and business men and women every year. Surviving meetings and the fast pace of London life is one thing, your luggage’s survival is quite another. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your stay at the Park Grand Hotel Lancaster Gate, so as to make sure you pack the optimum amount, and with the optimum luggage choices.

Business travel

Luggage size

Nobody wants to try and pack an overhead compartment sized hold all with a months-worth of luggage or a giant suitcase for an overnight stay. Whether your stay in London is short or long lived, always pack accordingly, especially when keeping in mind the extra costs of weight, the average for cabin baggage being 10 kg.

Luggage Materials

The world can be a rough place. The crowded streets of London, its many staircases and multitudes of terrains mean that your luggage container has to be durable. Nowadays most luggage bags are not made from leather or fabrics but from plastic and nylon which does a better job of protecting your goods. These are also waterproof, in case you find yourself caught in that all-too-rainy British weather.

Internal compartments

On a business trip, one must always try and keep themselves organised, especially if the schedule is tight. One way to help with this is to make sure that your luggage container has internal compartments so that you don’t find yourself manically rummaging to find your passport. Many modern luggage bags cater to this, with varying compartments for your smaller and bigger necessities for travel.

Luggage Tags

Security measures

When travelling in any big city, security measures are always essential so as to deter from thieves and accidents. One way of accounting for the safety of your baggage is by investing in TSA approved locks and devices that let you know if your bag has been tampered with, such as securoseal.

Two wheel or not two wheels?

Many modern bags come with a handle and wheels for ease of travel through airports. What many people don’t keep in mind is the further travel through urban terrain. The standard for modern day baggage is to have two wheels installed. The advantage of this is that it is more stable when standing upright. A four wheeled bag may not be as stable when upright but allows you to both push and pull the bag and is far more manoeuvrable through narrow corridors and busy streets.