Bridget Jones’ London – filming locations, neighbourhoods and attractions

The Bridget Jones movie franchise took the world by storm after its first instalment in 2001. Since then, there have been a number of sequels featuring Helen Fielding’s beloved character as she struggles with life and love. Fans of the film will know that a lot of scenes were filmed in and around London. Our Hyde Park Paddington Hotels are situated close to some of these locations – we’ve highlighted a number of the areas below so you can visit them on your trip to London.

Borough Market

At the heart of Borough market sits the house were Bridget lived in the first film. In the original newspaper column that the movies are based on, Bridget resided in Holland Park, close to a number of local spots such as The Pharmacy and Coffee Republic. The movie saw her relocate to the iconic flat above the Globe pub, just south of the River Thames. The flat is located just to the west of London Bridge Station and is found in a neighboured that’s no stranger to the bright lights of Hollywood. It also featured heavily in other famous titles such as Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Entrapment.

Also, Borough market allows have same crazy amazing things to do around it.

Bedale Street

Those who have seen the original film will be familiar with the iconic fight scene in the Greek restaurant. The quaint Bedale Street was actually transformed for the film, with local shops being changed into a newsagents and the restaurant where Colin Firth and Hugh Grant traded blows. The street has now been renovated and is home to various shops including a wine merchants.

Clink Street

The Clink Wharf Apartment building was the home of Hugh Grant’s character, Daniel Cleaver throughout the first movie. The smart flat, which is located just a few minutes’ walk from Bridget’s place, will be familiar to all of the movie’s fans. Just around the corner is the Tate Modern in Bankside where you can grab a bite to eat at the in-house restaurant. The modern gallery was a popular hangout spot for Bridget and her friends so makes for a very appropriate lunch pit stop. If you haven’t made it to any of the destinations above first, you can get directly to the Tate Modern from our Hyde Park Paddington Hotels very easily and start your self-guided tour there.

Heddon Street

One of the most memorable scenes in the original Bridget Jones film is the moment before she heads out on her first date with Daniel. The high-end Maghreb restaurant was the exotic location for the conversation between Bridget and her friends, who were giving her advice on how to make sure the date went well. It’s not the first time that Heddon Street has been used. David Bowie’s famous album ‘Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ featured the street on the cover. 


The Institute of Contemporary Arts played host to one of the many embarrassing scenes from the film. The book launch of Kafka’s Motorbike will be remembered by fans of the franchise for a long time. Located in Nash House at The Mall, this historical building is open to the public and regularly hosts experimental visual arts performances and film screenings. Hopefully your visit to the Institute won’t be as embarrassing as Bridget’s.

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