Best Walking Tours of London

Tower Bridge in London

London is a city which spans over a thousand kilometres. If you include the outer reaches and the suburbs across the counties it encompasses, London and its transport network reach out to the commuter belt of Gatwick and the idyllic countryside of Essex. This is why, despite the efficient transport system, the city is well worth walking around. Whilst the tube gets you to all corners of London in under an hour, you don’t scratch the surface of London unless you walk it. With the labyrinthian alleyways, secret gardens in hidden parks, and wide range of public spaces steeped in history, there’s nothing quite like walking the streets of London. If you’re staying at the London Lancaster Gate Hotel, you’re already centrally placed for a great walk around the city. Dig a little deeper though, and you’ll find some amazing walking tours to explore the city a little further.

Jack the Ripper tours of East London

The notorious serial killer whose identity is still disputed has become one of the most fascinating aspects of Victorian London history. Having inspired many films since, Jack the Ripper is still burnt into the retinas of our imagination, and continues to draw many to the Whitechapel neighbourhood. The Jack the Ripper walking tour takes you through many of the sites of his murders, as well as pubs, alleys and convents tucked into the hidden streets of Whitechapel and Shoreditch.

Food walking tours

Take trip through Spitalfields and Brick Lane for the East London food tour, or if you find yourself in central, the Twilight soho Food Tour is the perfect way to spend a hungry afternoon. These tours are run by professional London foodies, and take you through the little known secrets of London cuisine and the many vendors across the city.From Spanish tapas to Chinese dumplings, these tours take you through a whole map of globe trotting tastes.

Harry Potter walking tour

If you go hatty for Harry and gaga for Gryffindor, then this is the tour for you. Taking you through many of the locations used in the Harry Potter film series, this tour is made for Potter fans. From the Ministry of Magic to Diagon Alley, you’ll be guided by professionals through London streets, filming locations and inspirations for the Harry Potter films and books. Even the biggest Harry Potter geek will learn something new on this tour.

Sherlock Holmes walking tour

sherlock holmes

The two hour Sherlock Holmes walking tour encompasses not only the most recent BBC incarnation, but the original novels and short stories by Conan Doyle. Taking you through hotels, gentlemen’s clubs and locations featured in the stories, you’ll also find filming locations which will undoubtedly spark the imagination.

Camden street art walking tours

Take a trip through Camden and enjoy the many examples of street art in this North London cultural hotspot. Guided by local artists, learn the stories behind over 200 hundred pieces of graffiti and street art.

Richmond walking tours

Take trip through the West London neighbourhood of Richmond and learn about its rich history, it’s nature reserves and the culture which shaped the city. Whether you’re looking for a classy afternoon tea in London or a little bit of birdwatching, this tour takes you through natural and urban landscapes, promising something new to even the biggest West London boffin.