The best self-guided walking tours


It may be hard to believe but amidst the hustle and bustle of your London trip, you can slow down and still appreciate London’s historic and cultural value. The city runs at 100mph around the clock, which can be overwhelming if you’ve never been before and don’t know your way around. Slow things down and get your bearings by taking a self-guided walking tour. This is one of the best ways of exploring the beauty of London outdoors and means you don’t have to stick to a set route. We’ve put together a few places to include on your itinerary as you stroll around the city. Use these locations to build your own self-guided walking tour – we’re happy to provide a map or recommend an app for that!

Hyde Park

Any of London’s beautiful parks are perfect for an afternoon walk but Hyde Park is at the top of the list if you only have time to squeeze in one stroll.  This is one of our favourite self-guided walking tours as it showcases London’s most famous green getaway in all of its glory. It’s a popular spot for joggers thanks to its size, so you’re covered if you feel like putting on a pair of trainers and picking up the pace. Located right next to the Park Grand Lancaster Gate hotel, Hyde park is a great place to get some fresh air and see a quieter side to London. You can pick up a map of the Park and plot out your route or, simply stroll wherever the fancy takes you.

Covent Garden

If you really want to get a taste of everything that London has to offer then Covent Garden is a great place to start. The historic district was once one of London’s biggest slums but has been revitalised into a vibrant area full of things to see and do. The main piazza is used as a stage for street performers who often pull together big crowds. As you stroll through the market you can browse the collection of handmade souvenirs and trinkets. If you decide to take a pit-stop then there are plenty of places to have a drink before continuing your walk. Check out Free Tours By Foot for recommendations on what to see.

River Thames

This giant river is the main waterway that runs straight through the heart of London. Its banks are home to some of the best sights the city has to offer, thanks to its scenic beauty and central location. As you stroll along the Thames you’ll see the iconic London Eye as well as the Parliament building, Big Ben and much more. The river is also home to all kinds of different wildlife including seals and sometimes dolphins.

Capital Ring

To really get the most out of your trip to London, this route should be at the top of your list. The Capital Ring walk is a 78 mile long circle that goes all the way around the city. Even rambling veterans would struggle to complete the route in one day so it has been divided into 15 different sections, each with its own unique sights and things to do. If you really want to see the cultural and structural diversity of London then this walk a perfect way to get the full city experience.

Hopefully you find the time to get outside and take a walk during your trip to London. Our Lancaster Gate Hotel near Hyde Park is the perfect place to start thanks to its great location.