Best Places for Team Building In and Around London

team building

A team-building exercise is a great way to help people in any organisation get to understand each other better and discover how to work together more creatively and effectively. 


Whether you’re getting to know your new colleagues or want to help the team get closer before working on a big project, team-building activities can be a useful and transformative tool. You’ll find plenty of options for corporate and team activities around London, so read on to check out some of the best.


Locked In A Room


Held at the ExCel London near Canary Wharf, this thrilling escape room activity is a great way to test your team, learn how to work together to solve puzzles, and get the buzz from breaking out of a locked room, after all the brainpower. 


With 13 rooms and a capacity for up to 78 people, this is the perfect place for a large organisation, but equally fun when you’ve got a smaller team too. The activity is based on purpose-built escape rooms, that test mental and physical challenges, and are a great way to work on communication between team members, as well as introducing a healthy bit of competition as each team races against the clock to get out.


Escape rooms can often be pretty challenging, so make sure your team are given plenty of rest before and after. With great deals on at present at the Lancaster Hotel Londonit’s an ideal place to stay in a central location, before a big team event.


Outscape Games


If your team loves brain puzzles with a side of technology, Outscape might be a brilliant way to get everyone stuck in together on a challenge. The game provides a more novel twist on escape room activities, by combining the high-stakes buzz of working against the clock to solve a puzzle with cutting edge technology and augmented reality.


Your team will get to be part of an elite government squad with the Secret Service, and tasked with using the game’s custom augmented reality interface to collect and solve a variety of clues, taking you across various locations in the city. You can also compete against other teams, adding a spicy edge of competition to see who can solve the puzzle the fastest.


The corporate package also includes the option to enjoy a variety of snacks and treats, as well as beer or prosecco to help the victorious team celebrate afterwards. The game’s current location is based in the City of London, as well as future locations planned in other parts of the capital. If you’re planning to bring your team down to the city to take part, make sure you lookout for the best deals on bed and breakfast Londonfor a comfortable and relaxing stay.


Big Smoke Events


For a more light-hearted approach to team building, try a fun scavenger hunt. Big Smoke Events puts up exciting and rewarding challenges, that takes teams across the city to solve a bunch of humorous, and sometimes brain-puzzling tests. 


Challenges might involve taking a photo of the group in a silly place or pose, finding a distinctive London landmark or location, or getting together as many people as possible in a tight spot. As well as working through the challenges, you’ll also need to track down essential items as you make your way back to base, with the prize for the fastest team.


Full of laughs, the scavenger hunt is an ideal icebreaker and perfect for helping a new team get to know each other a little better while showing off a little competition between groups. 


They can be personalised and tailored to different requirements, so book in your team to Lancaster accommodation and start planning a fun day out together in the city.


Big London Bake


Team building activities don’t always have to involve adrenaline-fuelled adventures or strenuous outdoor challenges. For a team experience with a more creative difference, The Big London Bake might be the perfect option.


Based on popular TV cookery competitions, the Big London Bake pits two teams of bakers against each other to see who can bring the most creativity and deliciousness to their culinary creations. The experience is ideal for all levels of skill, so you don’t need to be a pro baker to enjoy this. Instead, the team behind the event have everything already in place for you, including organising the boring prep work and working out recipes, so you can enjoy a great day out together, and have fun in the kitchen.


The Big London Bake team offer a variety of packages for team activities, ranging from two to four hours, making it a great half-day option to unwind with, after a busy corporate event. And once the big competition is over, why not treat the team to a delicious themed afternoon tea Londonfor the perfect chance to enjoy all kinds of tasty treats, with a relaxing meal together?


All Star Lanes


Team activities don’t always need to be a huge affair, and often it’s great to have a relaxing way to blow off steam together at the end of a long workday. If you have a big corporate event in the city, the Lancaster Hotel London is ideally located to get to most central parts of the capital, and after a busy day of working hard, an evening in the bowling lanes is often a perfect way to enjoy a laugh together.


All Star Lanes has a number of locations across the city to choose from, where you can hire private bowling lanes for your team. With a glamorous Hollywood look and a dedicated bar with drinks, burgers, and plenty of snacks, your team can enjoy a few games while sipping on their favourite drinks. It’s the perfect place for a more social night of fun with the whole team, while there’s still an opportunity for any competitive types on the team to test themselves in the lanes.


How do you bond with your team? Leave us a comment!