London is home to a vast range of beautiful settings. Whether it’s a stunning vista of the River Thames, the top of Big Ben or the green plains of Richmond Park, there’s always a chance for a good photo. With the snowballing advances in technology bringing us the “Instagram filter” and the WIFI cloud letting us upload our masterpieces to the internet for everyone to see, it’s becoming far easier for any and all to take a great photos and share them with the world. Whether you’re the next Dorothy Lange or a casual social media snapper, there’s always another chance in London for a guest at the Park Grand Lancaster Gate to take a good photo.

South Bank

The South Bank is the prime place for a view of the River Thames and a great place to spend the day. The promise for entertainment on the south bank is filled to the brim. The Southbank Centre’s impromptu performance showcases promise delight whilst the National Theatre holds daily theatre shows, often critically acclaimed and showing the stars. At the Understudy Bar next to the National Theatre you might even run in to a celebrity relaxing after a performance! With so much entertainment, you might even forget to take a selfie by the River Thames, but if you do get a chance then be sure to catch the glittering sunset and bright lights of London.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Don your Palace Guard hats and head on down to the grand majesty of Buckingham Palace. With the changing of the palace guard every few hours you might even catch an action shot of these stoic men in red performing their daily march. On top of this the palace itself is stunning and is situated right next to Green Park where you have even more chances for idyllic selfie shots. If you’re lucky you might even get a glimpse of the Queen through one of the windows.

London telephone boxes

The iconic red telephone boxes have been the subject of many great photos in the past. If you’re looking for something that sums up twentieth century London then look no further than the red telephone box. Although the rise in communication through mobiles has rendered them pretty much obsolete, these telephone boxes are here to stay. Try cramming as many of your friends in as possible and take a comedy shot having you all squeezed inside. Be careful not to tip it over though. You can still find many of these telephone boxes around the city, especially in popular parts such as Leicester Square and Oxford Circus.

telephone box

Primrose Hill

Located on the North side of Regent’s park, Primrose Hill is a hotspot for tourists and celebrities alike. One of the best places for a picnic in all of London, this area is an obstacle free sixty foot summit with a stunning vista of London and Hampstead. Follow the hill down to find the Regent’s Canal which will lead you straight to Camden Market.

London Eye

One of the best value and most popular tourist attractions in London is the millennium wheel, also known as London Eye. Created at the turn of the twenty first century this structure has 32 sealed and air-conditioned ovoidal passenger capsules which rotate over the space of half an hour. When at the top, passengers will have an amazing view of London, rarely seen from so high up. The ride is worth the queue and is a must-see for anyone new to London.

The Sky Garden

The Sky Garden offers stunning views of London’s skyline from a spectacular 155 metres up in the air. With three restaurants to choose from, you can wine and dine whilst taking that great photo. Snaps of peoples food is becoming more and more popular on Instagram so why not incorporate your meal at the Fenchurch Brasserie, with a stunning selection of meals on offer and even a Valentine list. On top of the Fenchurch Restaurant, visitors also have the chance to dine at the Darwin Brasserie, the classy City Garden Bar, Fenchurch Terrace and the Sky Pod Bar. All are delicious and offer great wine selections as well as glistening views of the city.

Leicester Square

Take a selfie on the red carpet at Leicester Square’s Empire Cinema, home to many of London’s most glitzy premieres. If you have a chance, find your way to the central fountain where you can get a 360 degree shot of the whole square, complete with West End Theatres and several Cinemas. It’s the heart of London, the gateway to Soho and has many towering and iconic London buildings dotted around its area. Be sure to visit at night time to really capture the dazzling neon lights and electricity that runs through this central London landmark.