Best Outdoor Swimming Pools In London


It might not be the summer just yet, but the months fly by when you are staying in London and before you know it, the parks will packed with sun bathers and the pools as crowded as a tube station at rush hour. Even if it is still on the cold side, it is still a good idea to keep in mind that a great way of retaining body warmth is through exercise. It is also well known that one of the best ways to exercise without hurting any muscles is through swimming. Studies show that due to the lack of resistance against your limbs when swimming, you are far less likely to strain and pull muscles, making it one of the most all round work outs and healthy ways to keep fit. On top of this, it helps to keep your lungs at a strong capacity. If you are looking for a scenic and traditional place to take a dip, whether it be for fitness or for leisure or for both, London has plenty of opportunities and what’s more, the surrounding areas are often bustling with attractions and things to do.

Outdoor Swimming Pools In London

London Fields Lido

Located in the heart of East London, London Fields Lido gives you great access to many great drinking and eating venues in the Hackney area. Located in the park with which it shares a name, London Fields Lido has within it a 50 metre outdoors Olympic standard Swimming Pool which is heated and has a sun terrace and café. The park in which it is located is 31 acres, has a large amount of green space, a pub and playground. The park is very popular with locals and tourists alike, due to the presence of the nearby Broadway market, where you can find many independent boutiques and book shops as well as restaurants and bars. The swimming pool also has disabled access, lanes in which to swim which are open all day. The London Fields Lido also has available the potential for swimming lessons and has disabled access. The Lido is open from 6.30am to 9pm every day of the week.

Brockwell Lido

Located in East Dulwich, the Brockwell Lido is a grade 2 listed building and is decorated in an art deco fashion, spanning back to the 1930’s. This Lido is easy to get to, a 15 minute walk from Brixton Station and Clapham High Street. On top of that, the Lido offers visitors a broad range of other fitness opportunities including a gym and fitness classes. This, paired with the 50 metre swimming pool will have you and your family finding days’ worth of fun. Dulwich is not devoid of attractions either, with several great streets for eating and drinking whilst the pools brilliant architecture will keep fitness obsessed art lovers something to visually feast upon.

The Serpentine Lido

Located very close to the Budget Accommodation in London,the Grand Park Hotel Lancaster Gate, guests will find it easy to find their way to this historic swimming area. Hyde Park itself, and the Serpentine Lake located within are a great day out as well as being a good spot to take a dip. There are plenty of landmarks in Hyde Park which is incidentally one of London’s Royal Parks and the fact that there are children’s facilities means that everybody will be kept happy. The swimming area itself spans a whopping 110 yards in astounding natural settings. This is one of the closest to nature you can feel in the centre of a city and you will not be disappointed by the wild life and greenery of Hyde Park. There is no other place quite like the Serpentine Lido. For anybody in the centre of London in the heat of the summer who wants to take a quick dip and not have to travel too far, Hyde Park is the perfect place to find an ease off the city pressure.

Hampstead Heath Lido

Hampstead Heath itself is one of the largest expanses of natural land in London. A natural reserve for wildlife, the Heath takes up around 790 acres of land whilst acting as a refuge for many forms of wildlife. This includes foxes, rabbits, and various species of bird, grass snakes and squirrels among many others. The fact that there is a pool within this natural reserve is just the icing on the cake. Formally known as Parliament Hill Lido, the swimming pool is a massive 200 by 90 feet and is open twelve months a year. The pool is unheated, so if you’re brave enough to take a dip in the mid-winter then you may not be alone as over 50000 people attend the pool a year. There are great deals for families as well as plenty of opportunities for refreshments and entertainment throughout the year.