Best Nights Out This Autumn That AREN’T A Nightclub

Best Nights Out This Autumn That AREN’T A Nightclub

London is well known for its nightlife, having amassed one of the best party scenes in the country. From Hackney to Chelsea, all boroughs have their own unique style of nightlife. Guests of 4 star hotels in Lancaster Gate UK are well placed to enjoy the DJ’s, subcultures and sounds of the city.

But clubbing isn’t for everyone. The noise, chaos and alcohol that comes with club nights isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you prefer tea to tequila. But fear not, those who see nightclubs as a nightmare, there are many other opportunities for night owls in London. Guests of Lancaster Gate Hotels in London have a lot to choose that will support your nocturnality and elevate your London experience.

This blog will explore some of the best non-club oriented nights out, so that first time visitors who’d rather strut their stuff in private, can still take flight with the night owls. With London hotels with breakfast offering the finest hangover cures, you’ll no doubt want something to whet your appetite the evening before.

The London Film Festival

Taking place between the 5th and the 16th of October, the London Film Festival is one of the world’s leading international film festivals, providing first looks at some of the next year’s most exciting films. Expect red carpet interviews, post-screening talks with filmmakers and much more. Book your tickets soon though, the festival’s most popular strands sell out very quickly!

West End Shows

London is brimming with West End shows, spanning from the stalwarts to the cutting edge new productions. Whether it be The Mousetrap or the upcoming StreetCar Named Desire restaging starring Paul Mescal, there are many exciting events taking place at London’s most famous theatres this autumn and winter. With box office returns at many theatres providing cut price tickets on the morning of the performance, as well as websites like London Theatre Direct also offering the best available rates, a little forward planning can go a long way when it comes to experiencing the lights and dazzle of London.

Stand Up Comedy of London

It’s not all stage magic though, you can have plenty of fun with just a single person talking on stage. In fact, London is the training ground for many of the world’s best comedians, a lot of whom still practice new material weekly in the city. From the Bill Murray Comedy Club in Angel to the Comedy Store and Soho Theatre in Soho, London is an incubator for the best in laugh-a-minute talent.

Fringe Theatre Of London

From the high end to the cutting edge, fringe theatre in London can be found in pretty much every boropough of the city. From the radical to the family friendly, the pub theatres, repurposed warehouses and black box venues of London are yet another cultural incubator that visiting thesps will love. Top picks include the Camden People’s Theatre, the Hen & Chicken in Highbury and the Arcola in Dalston.

Dining Out

Dining Out

It’s no surprise that one of the most multicultural cities in Europe is also home to some of the best cuisine. Stand out high streets and districts for eating include Islington’s Turkish and Ecuadorian foodie scene, the curryhouses of Shoreditch and the Street Food of, well, pretty much every market you can think of. Don’t forget that the Park Grand restaurants near Lancaster Gate are also top rated!

Game Bars And Event Spaces

From ping pong bars to digital darts with a daiquiri, London’s game bar scene is high tech and hilarious. Whether you’re a first time player or a pub pinging veteran, Flight Club in Victoria, Shoreditch and Bloomsbury are a range of digital darts party venues that offer group games and good vibes. Other options include the near endless Virtual Reality bars across the city, and crazy golf with a twist at Puttshack in Bank, White City and Watford.

Escape Rooms

If it’s something a little more hands on you’re after, the Escape Room scene in  London is second to none. Elaborate reconstructions of famous game show the Crystal Maze can be found on Shaftesbury Avenue and ClueQuest is a new immersive outing from Islington. Whether with family, friends or colleagues, these headscratchers will really get the brain ticking and the heart pounding. 

Nighttime Tours Of London

London’s nighttime tour scene is optimised for atmosphere and intrigue. Indeed, there are many ghost stories and historic legends surrounding the city, so it’s no surprise that whatever your interests, there’s probably a Nocturnal London tour for you.

Jack The Ripper Tour

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to Jack The Ripper tours, and in a diluted market, it can be difficult to take your pick. But you can see why there are so many. Whitechapel and Hackney’s atmospheric alleys are certainly utilised by the charismatic guides who’ll show you around the crime scenes and watering holes of London’s most enigmatic killer. One of the most popular tours concerning the Victorian murderer is led by an East London local and invites you to solve the crime of the (19th) century. Aptly named, the Solve The Crime Jack The Ripper Tour extends an invitation to its guests to come to their own conclusions about who the culprit is.

Nighttime Museum Experiences

Museums are for everyone, and that includes Night Owls too! Live your own Night At The Museum Fantasy with Dino-Snores for kids and a separate event for adults. During your stay at the Natural History Museum, you’ll be treated to one of a kind talks and tours as well as food and drink for your stay in the beautiful museum. Other great nocturnal museum experiences include the Late At Tates, which take place at either the Tate Modern or Britain every month and include talks, special exhibitions and even DJ sets. 

Thames River Cruise

Thames River Cruise

From dinner cruises to party boats, London is no stranger to Thames-based sightseeing. It’s especially dazzling at night though, when you can see many of the city’s riverside landmarks lit up in all their glory.