Backstage at the National Theatre, an amazing thing to know about


We all see the shows and events but we do not know what happens at the backstage. The backstage of the theater is very interesting part indeed.

Many people go to the national theatre to see some plays and shows but none of them know what happens at the back. Backstage is the most important part of the theatres. The National Theatre is the original swarm of War Horse, Treasure Island and more and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, for a tour at the backstage with a nice Welsh Magician whose name is Christopher. The tour begins at the Lyttelton Theatre that is medium in size. It has 890 seats and also 600 lights. This is the best place for shows as well as plays.This can be the great start to the tour.

National Theatre London

In the national theatre there is no dressing room with no.13 as the no.13 is supposed to be unlucky. At the backstage thee is a huge life that carries around ten tonnes of lighting, costumes, set, sounds and people in not more than 45 seconds. There are also two other theatres nearby namely olovier and Dorfman with big number of lights and seats. There is a great fun in handling the pops, they have a great range that ranges from flamingos to other animals. You can handle or even wear the pops at this place. There is also a set that is made up of saws and hammers. There is an interesting section in which something is said and one has to go to the audience and make the people laugh. This section can really be innovative and interesting as well.

At the backstage there are five rooms only to keep the props. In the breaks the actors spend time playing Simpsons Board Game or just watch some shows. Dorfman theatre is the place where your tour comes to an end. Here the seats can be folded in the floor and there is stage just off the room. You can spend whole day here. The national theatre has tours on regular basis. These tours are for individuals and groups. The cost of the tour is very reasonable that is £9 per head. There are also some custom made backstage tours for families in holidays. These tours are very interesting and one can enjoy them with the family at their best. The ticket for the tour costs £8.50.This tour takes one hour.

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