Around the World In 6 London Attractions


When it comes to making the most out of a London trip, the best way to do so is to immerse yourself fully in the city’s diversity and multiculturalism. London is a city made up of people from all walks of life, from different backgrounds and countries. There is a medley of cultures to discover with expat communities, shops, bars, restaurants, fashions, food and languages dotted through the city to give the nation’s capital its wonderfully diverse neighbourhoods and sense of community.

It’s possible to get a taste of every culture in the city with a little forward planning, taking you from the tropical Caribbean to the mysteries of the Orient without ever leaving Greater London!  So, if you’re visiting London for the first time or simply want to see a different side to the city on your trip, these London attractions are guaranteed to add an international flavour to your city break.



Chinatown is located near to Soho and though it is used to describe different parts of the capital, it is in this specific spot that the main Chinatown resides. Chinatown provides visitors with a real taste of Asian culture and the Chinese influences are clear from the moment you step onto Gerrard Street in the City of Westminster. The smells, sounds and even street signs are in Chinese, transporting you magically to the Far East in just a few steps. There are Chinese restaurants to sample, specialist supermarkets selling authentic Chinese produce to scour, souvenir shops, bakeries and a number of Chinese businesses to explore.

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Camden Town

Camden town, London

When it comes to iconic areas of London, Camden Town is always deserving a spot on the list. Camden Town and Camden Market are the central areas for all things rock and goth culture in the capital. With quirky shops, unique market stalls and small boutiques there’s a lot of shopping to be done. Plus, there are a number of pubs in Camden Town that have stayed true to its edgy history and are worth visiting for a drink or two.

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Little Venice

Little Venice’s Canals

Little Venice is located just north of Paddington and runs along Regent’s Canal into Camden Town. The area is extremely picturesque and offers something wildly different to the busy and bustling city life found elsewhere in London. In fact, visitors would be forgiven for thinking they were somewhere entirely different. Little Venice is full of waterside cafes and restaurants, quaint pubs and canal boats. It’s a charming area of the city that attracts tourists and locals alike.

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Covent Garden

famous market of Covent garden in London, United Kingdom

London is known for being a place of performance and this is evident when you visit Covent Garden. Covent Garden has long been a place for street performers, magicians and buskers. This is a great place to experience London’s entertainment culture with performers from a range of countries and experts in everything from fire eating to juggling.

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Brick Lane

Brick Lane Market

Though Brick Lane is often thought of as being a hub for the cool kids of London and those interested in picking up vintage fashion, there’s another side to it that is often overlooked. Brick Lane is home to a large Bangladeshi community and is one of the best places to navigate to if you’re looking for authentic cuisine. Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants line the streets surrounding Brick Lane and the enticing smells are enough to convince anyone to grab a bite to eat.

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Shoreditch and Hoxton

You won’t be making the most out of a London trip without spending time in Shoreditch and Hoxton. Though for many years Shoreditch and Hoxton were not regarded as being parts of London worth visiting, with the influx of students and hipsters, this area now has a culture all of its own with a focus on live music, quirky bars and old school decor.