An Americans guide to the Harry Potter studio in London


The Harry Potter studios in London bring the books and movie series to life. Every year, thousands of families travel to the capital for an immersive holiday, and where do they go? No doubt, all over the place. But many also make sure to visit the Harry Potter studios due to both their popularity and reputation for delighting children and adults alike. It’s not very often that you’ll find attractions that manage to cater to both audiences, but just like the London Dungeons, the Harry Potter studios leaves both older and younger visitors delighted with the experience.

Harry Potter theme park

The magical universe of Harry Potter is responsible for kindling a love of reading like few other series have. In that sense, there’s a lot to be applauded about the series. The Harry Potter studios take visitors through the different sets, props, and costume wardrobes used for the movie series. In a sense, it’s apt to say that it’s akin to looking at the behind the scenes to the excellent set of films.

This means that children and adults alike will be better able to understand and appreciate the intricacies needed to build a successful movie franchise. Often, it’s very easy to lost in the surface appeal of a film; whether it be through the storytelling, character development, or the CGI. But how often do we pay attention to the different angles and the sets needed? Hardly every – the level of attention to detail and hard work required to manufacture everything that’s running in the background, is not nearly as apparent.

Harry Potter Tour

That’s why we wholeheartedly recommend the Harry Potter studios. They not only provide visitors with tremendous insight into how the franchise was made but they also unconsciously help people understand how movies are made. In that sense, it’s just as much of an educational as an entertainment venue. Very few attractions, even in London, manage to combine both these aspects – so delightfully.

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