All About Cable Car Facilities in London

Beautiful girl in a Emirates cable car

Enjoy the facilities of the London Cable Car in the beautiful city of London.

When one comes to the city of London, the pleasures of wonderful tour experiences are something worth enjoying. It is officially called “The Emirates Air Line Sponsored by Emirates Airline”. This is actually a cable car which helps one to move over from River Thames in East London. It connects The Royal Docks Terminal on the northern side which is very near the Excel Centre. Then one also has the Greenwich Peninsula Terminal which lies on the southern side.

Cars at London Cable Car

Cars at London Cable Car

The cars usually leave the terminal every few seconds. The total time taken is around ten minutes which gives the visitors a chance to enjoy the view. Each car can have to take at least ten people along with two bicycles. The boarding is thus monitored by the staff. The cable car usually opens between Mondays to Friday from morning. However the service is suspended if there are natural problems like strong winds or any kind of thunder and lightning. Stay in hotels like Lancaster gate hotel London and enjoy the facilities around.

Direction to Reach to Emirates Air Line Cable Car

Ticketing Details

London Emirates and airplane

The Emirates Air-Line is not involved with ticketing arrangements for London so it is important for people to have separate fares. Travel cards are not accepted here. If people have a valid card like Oyster Travel card, Travel cardetc., then it is a good deal. One also gets a discount of 25% on the fares. The Emirates sponsors the tickets so they are called Boarding passes. Normally a single trip costs around five pounds for an adult and at least two pounds for a child below fifteen years.

Children up to five years can go free here. Normally a return trip costs around nine pounds for an adult and four pounds for a child below the age of fifteen years. One can also buy a “360” trip which is the same price as a return trip. This is not actually sold at times. One gets a frequent “flyers” pass which is available for around ten flights. Boarding passes are available usually at the ticket window or the machines. However for Oyster Pay as you go users, there is a facility of credit.

Other Facilities

The nearest station is Royal Victoria. This is on the Docklands Light Railway or DLR which is around 200 meters away. Trains usually leave from the Tower Gateway at frequent intervals and one has to take a train that goes to Beckton. If a person is travelling from the Bank station then one can change to a train going to Beckton at Shadwell, Westferry , and Limehouse etc. One also has the West Silvertown DLR station a little ahead from here. There are elevated track way which gives the finest views of the dock and the cable car. This is just a short walk on the dockside path which takes one past the Crystal and the wakeboard centre.

One also can use the Jubilee Line from the central part of London and then change to go to Canning town. When one arrives here the DLR platforms are found on the higher level just above the platforms below. One can then take a train to Beckton and get down at Royal Victoria which is just one stop away. The walk from Canning town station is very scenic and beautiful. The Canning Town as well as the Royal Victoria Dock are in the Travel Card Zone 3. There are close bus routes also in the route 474 and one uses the stop at Charrington to enjoy the facilities. There are many buses which help to serve the Canning Town Bus Station and this is inclusive of the NO. 115 from Aldgate.

Stations and their Uses

The nearest station is the North Greenwich Underground station which is 400 m from here. The Jubilee Line serves this area. There are many bus routes like the North Greenwich station and the route 188 from the central part of London covers this area. So enjoy the ride around Russell Square, Aldwych, Holborn and Waterloo. Again North Greenwich is on the border of the Travelcard Zones 2 as well as 3. These are holders of a zone where one does not have to pay any kind of add on or any kind of fare to travel around here in North Greenwich.

The Thames Clipperboat River service serves the Greenwich Peninsula which also has a pier which gives service every twenty minutes. This peninsula is a little away from Greenwich Town Centre. This is also the place where the Cutty Sark, the Meridian Line, the National Maritime Museum and the Park are located. One can have the facilities of buses 129 and 188 here. They run between Greenwich town Centre and North Greenwich station. They also take the Jubilee Line and reach Canary Wharf.

More to Do Here

Everything that we do here depends on the time of the visit as well as the schedules of the show. These are usually at the nearby locations and the area around the terminal is a hub of activity and at other times would be a peaceful haven. The Terminals are very near the Excel Arena as well as the O2 Arena. A visit to any of these places is not without a lovely Emirates Airline ride. There are many shops, restaurants and cafes around the 02 Arena so one can get something to eat or drink.

One also has the historical Royal Victoria dock which gives the best kinds of pleasant walking along the waterfront. There is a short route which takes one around the dock and provide the best views of the Royal Victoria Dock footbridge. These have elevated vantage points which gives the finest views of the Canary Wharf, the Crystal, the City as well as the Olympic Park. The Thames Barrier as well as the runway at the London City Airport. The path of the flight provides the right kind of arrival and departure overhead.

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Where does the cable car go in London?

The Cable car starts from Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks. Therefore, crossing over the Thames is a great view of the London city.

How much is the cable car?

It is a 1 Km journey from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks. The spectacular view of London from cable car is about a height of up to 90 metres (295ft)