A mind-blowing theatre experience in London


Theatre is one of the major things that are a part of the attraction list whenever you visit London. You get to know the whole culture of London whenever you are watching a theatre play in London. There are many places where you can get a hang of this wonderful experience but there are some places which is sure to give you the goose flesh whenever you go there. Some of them are mentioned below. London, as you already know is a place which is known for being rich in culture, art, music and food. But what is not widely known is the fact that the theatre experience of London is something that you should never miss. To get the exact feel of London, the way the Londoners do, you have to visit these places mentioned below.

London Theatre

The Shakespeare’s Globe. Now this Globe theatre is one of the oldest and the most famous theatres of all time. This company was initiated in the year 1599 and till date, it stands strong and high. There have been many renovations in the building but most of it still remains. The first time it had been renovated was when it was destroyed in a fire. After being closed for a long time following that very incident, it has been rebuilt with new features and many new things giving you the current theatre. All these renovations might have taken away a lot of things but what it couldn’t take away is the fact the wonderful nostalgic and the old world feel of the whole place. You would still feel the basis of demonstration. The demonstration is based on how William Shakespeare and his company had worked hard enough to create the ideal space which, over the years, had seen evergreen plays like Romeo and Juliet and even A Midsummer Night’s Dream. What makes this theatre very special is the fact that it is an open air one and it is not shown inside the theatre. The fact that it is an open air one makes sure that you get to see the plays in this theatre only during the months of summer. So, if you really want to visit London and see this place, then you have to visit it during the summer months to make the most of your visit because the Shakespeare’s Globe is surely one of the must visit places in the history of London.

If you are a traveller and are confused on where to put up so that you do not have to compromise on much of travelling time and you would be able to see all the attractions then it is suggested that you stay at the Lancaster Gate hotels which are situated in Central. The Lancaster Gate is basically situated in Central London which makes it easier for any traveller to visit any place that you would want to visit during your stay here.

Staying at Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel

The security of the hotels are checked and rechecked so that you would not have any kind of problem when you check in to the hotels. You can check in to the hotels and check out without having any problem and while you are checked in, you can even leave all your valuable items in the hotel room itself and be sure that no one would even touch them. The hotels are very close and perfectly well connected to the means of transports. Such transportation systems include the tube station, bus station, cab station and even any other means that would take you to the sea. There, you can visit London the way you would want to, without worrying even a bit for anything else.

These hotels give you the facility of not only lodging but also food. So, if you end up not having any kind of food while you are outside sightseeing, you can come back to the hotel and then order in the food that you would want to have, from the hotel itself so that you wouldn’t have to venture outside to get the food you would need.

London Coliseum Theater in St Martin Lane

The next on the list is the St. Martin’s theatre. This theatre is known to be the host of the same play for over 40 years and the play is titled The Mouse trap. This is a very small theatre, agreed, but the wonderfulness of the theatre cannot be described in words. The west end is famous for being everything stuffed into one and St. Martin’s theatre is the most famous one amongst all the other theatres that the lane provides to the customers. Open till late at night, you would be feeling as if you are a part of the play with the intimate atmosphere of the theatre. This would be topped up with the gripping storyline of the play of The Mouse trap that has murders the way no one has seen before. This story, written by Agatha Christie is the longest running play in the world which, counted till today, has been performed for around an approximated of 25,000 times. The timelessness of the play and the beauty of watching it in the theatre mentioned cannot be compared to anything in the world.

The London Palladium has to be the next on the list as it has been the hosts of a variety of TV shows. These TV shows, over the years have been recorded for TV and also have been performed over the time. There are many well known stars that have performed there and it also hosts the annual Royal Variety Performance which is basically a very important night of entertainment in the whole of UK where the Queen herself attends the show. The perfect time to be a witness to this wonderful theatre and the masters of this theatre, you need to be present in London during the time of Christmas. And it is guaranteed that the experience would be remembered for a lifetime.