9 Reasons To Visit London On Your Next Holiday


London is a vibrant and exciting city with an incredible amount to offer visitors and tourists.

It actually takes up an area 15 times the size of Paris and is home to nearly 9 million people. When you mix this with over 2,000 years of history it should come as no surprise that it’s one of the greatest cities on earth.

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Now let’s take a look at some of the reasons that London should be your next holiday destination.

Incredible Attractions

London is home to some of the most iconic and well known attractions anywhere on earth.

Places like the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace and the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio tour each attract tens of millions of people each year.

The city is littered with world class attractions, and each one has an incredible history and is worth visiting multiple times.

The architecture in the city is second to none and just wandering the streets is enough to excite most visitors.

The West End

London’s West End is a theatre district second to none- the only one that can come close is New York’s Broadway, but the sheer amount of theatres and plays that make up the West End really sets it apart.

Some of the best performances ever given on a stage have been in London, the world’s greatest shows all scramble for the chance to get a run here.

There are some staple classics that are still running, like the Lion King which is in its second decade!

Awesome Nightlife

One of the things London, and indeed England, is famous for is its pubs- and London has no shortage of them, let me tell you.

You’re never too far from an incredible drinking establishment in the city, and there is plenty of variety too.

Some are incredibly historic and were the local watering hole for very well known figures. Some are insanely cosy and offer ridiculously comfortable furniture and a roaring fire. Some will offer drinks you have never heard of but really want to try and some will cook you the best meal you’ve ever had in your life.

Then you get to the clubs and bars- world class musicians fight for a spot in London’s venues that are packed out pretty much every night of the week.

Find an amazing rooftop bar with a stunning view, or an amazing club with a live band- whatever you choose, you’re in for the night of your life.

World Class Museums & Galleries

London’s museums are amongst the very best in the world.

The British Museum is the most comprehensive collection of artefacts dedicated to telling the story of mankind anywhere on earth.

The Natural History Museum is home to groundbreaking exhibits and a stunning fossil collection, and the Science Museum lets you interact with science in an entirely new way.

You’ll also find the biggest and best modern art collections at the Tate Modern, the greatest works by the old masters at the National Gallery and one of the best collections of portraits in the world at the National Portrait Gallery.

The best thing of all though? They are all completely free.

Stunning Food

London, and the UK in general, gets a pretty unfair wrap for its food; and those who slate it are often the ones who have never been or simply missed the good stuff whilst they were here.

London is actually the 6th most Michelin Starred city in the world with a staggering 66 stars across the city- if that’s not enough to shut them up then nothing will.

You can find pretty much anything in the city; from stunning street food, glorious Asian offerings and incredible modern cuisine to the finest dining experience imaginable.

Many of the world’s greatest chefs aspire to cook in London, and many of them already do!

Incredible Views and Cityscapes

London’s skyline is right up there with the best of them, and there are plenty of places where you can enjoy the stunning spectacle.

It has changed a lot in its 2,000 year history but the beauty remains the same. Admire the stunning view from Europe’s second tallest building; the Shard. Or climb Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath for an all encompassing view of the city and beyond.

Unbelievable Shopping

London’s shopping districts are world class and you’d be hard pressed to come away without something special.

Oxford Street is one of the most well known streets in Europe and offers the world’s finest fashion brands.

There are also the incredible department stores that are pretty much British institutions at this point. Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols and Selfirdges are all establishments that changed the face of shopping forever, and still call London home.

Sporting Greats

London is home to some of the world’s greatest sporting teams and venues.

7 of the Premier League’s teams call London home, Wimbledon is the greatest tennis tournament in the world and Wembley Stadium is one of the greatest venues on the planet- all found within London!

The Great Outdoors

Despite its massive size, London is actually 20% green space. This is largely made up of public parks, waterways and gardens and is a really impressive stat.

Explore London’s gorgeous parks, track deer descended from those that King Henry VIII once stalked and row on historic lakes. There are stunning, manicured gardens, wild woodlands and gorgeous flower displays.

Lounge on the grass, attend a festival or just escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some nature.

London’s parks are enough of a draw in themselves to visit the city.

Visit London

So there you have it, just a few of the reasons you should make London your next holiday destination.

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