Whenever you go somewhere new there is sure to be a list of things you are desperate to do, and in London this often centres on the popular tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. However, one attraction that should always be included is London Zoo. Visiting the zoo in London is one of the best family-friendly activities available and it should be at the top of everyone’s list, even those travelling without small children. So, why should you make time for a visit to London Zoo during your city break or extended stay in London

  • London Zoo is convenient thanks to its great central location

London Zoo couldn’t have a better location. It is in a central part of the city and is only a short walk from Primrose Hill and other popular tourist destinations such as Camden Town, The British Museum and Regent’s Park. This means that it’s easy to add to the same itinerary as other attractions in the area, allowing you to make the most of your time in town.

  • It is easy to access by public transport

Most families who visit London will rely on public transport to get around. Visitors can travel to London Zoo using the London Underground, with Camden Town Station and Regent’s Park Station being a walkable distance away. There are also easy to navigate bus routes available.

  • It is an educational activity

Incorporating education into a family holiday is important and a visit to London Zoo is perfect for this. Children will be able to learn about their favourite animals and listen to talks on different species, whilst enjoying a fun day out. The zoo also has a number of endangered species and a range of conservation programs.

  • Children of all ages will enjoy the zoo

Family-friendly activities are often aimed at a specific age group but this isn’t the case with London Zoo. Children of all ages will enjoy their time at the zoo, and there are activities for all ages from toddlers to teenagers.

  • A day at the zoo can be affordable

London Zoo has a lot of different ticket options which makes it a relatively affordable attraction to go to; these include a discounted family ticket, a discounted rate for students and under 3s go free. Additionally, there are designated picnic areas throughout the zoo which means taking lunch along with you is easy if you’d like to pack a snack for the day.

  • There’re many exciting animals to see

London Zoo is truly one of those zoos that has every corner of the animal kingdom covered. It is home to an array of exotic and unusual animals, as well as some furry favourites. Popular exhibits include Land of the Lions, Gorilla Kingdom and Into Africa.

  • London Zoo puts an emphasis on conservation

In the last decade or so, London Zoo has done a lot to improve the living conditions of its animals and it now puts a large focus on conservation and doing what is best for its residents. This means that animals have large enclosures, room to roam and areas where they can escape the gaze of visitors if they want to.

  • It is an attraction parents will enjoy too

Sometimes, as parents, you’ll find yourself sitting through a day of child-friendly activities that are somewhat boring, but visiting the zoo in London is something you’ll enjoy too. There are enough events and experiences at the zoo to keep parents as entertained as the kids.