8 Best Burgers in London

vegan burgar

Food trends come and go, but the classic combination of a juicy patty in a soft bun will always be a timeless classic. And if you’re on the hunt for a delicious burger in London, you’re spoilt for choice, with a mouth-watering array of incredible burgers all across the city, including at nearby Lancaster Gate restaurantsand further afield. 


From old school cheeseburgers with sumptuous meat to delicious vegetarian and vegan takes on the traditional sandwich, there are plenty of drool-worthy options on the menu to get stuck into. Read on for some of the tastiest burgers to try out in the city.




A stone’s throw from the Lancaster Hotel Londonyou’ll find the perfect meat feast to satisfy your burger cravings when you’re in the city. MEATliquor specialises in serving the classics with flair and style, with plenty of meat and alcohol to enjoy. The growing London chain started life as a burger van, and while they offer a variety of dishes on the menu now, their burgers are still some of the best around.


Check out their hefty Dead Hippie – a burger for serious carnivores, with double beef patties, diced onions, gooey cheese, pickles, mustard and crisp lettuce. The 28 day aged steak means that there is plenty of flavour to soak up here – just make sure you’re hungry as it packs quite a heavy punch.


Honest Burgers


It’s hard to choose one pick from Honest Burger’s delectable range of choices on their menu, but one thing is for sure: with the combination of excellent ingredients, quality meat and tantalising toppings, as well as the delicious rosemary fries on the side, you’re never left disappointed.


Their classic Honest burger stands out for its sheer simplicity – with heavenly dry-aged beef, smoked bacon and red onion relish, it’s hard to forget. Vegetarians and vegans also have some great choices on the Honest menu too – forget about tasteless bean burgers, and tuck into the highly convincing plant-based patty, complete with vegan smoked Gouda and spicy mayo.


Joe Allen


Over in Covent Garden, you can dive into an Americana-infused world of food and showbiz in Joe Allen – the iconic restaurant for theatre-goers looking for classic comfort food.


Joe Allen has been reputed to have the best secret burger in town, and though their burger is not listed on the menu, the delicious American classic is one of the best in the city. The simple combination of mild, melted cheese, excellent ground sirloin steak and bacon in a lightly toasted brioche bun is lip-smackingly good.


As one of the most popular places to head to before or after a show at the West End, its worth a visit. Try looking up deals on accommodation Lancaster UK to treat yourself to a performance in the city.




Dishoom has been giving Indian food a slick Mumbai-inspired makeover, with its menu of dishes inspired by the Indian city’s traditional Iranian cafés and street food. 


Their Vada Pau provides a refreshingly different and spicy take on the burger, featuring a spicy mashed potato patty, with crispy toppings and tangy chutneys for the perfect balance of flavour and texture. All packed in a soft, warmed bun, these are delicious enjoyed with their warming chai. 


While their Vada Pau burger is a great light lunch, if you find yourself hankering for a snack later in the day, try indulging your sweet tooth instead, with some delicious Afternoon tea London offers in the city.


Patty & Bun


The aptly named Patty & Bun has been stealthily taking serious bites of the burger market across London and further afield, and if you’re in the Lancaster Hotel Londonit’s worth popping down to their Notting Hill branch to try out their iconic Smokey Robinson burger.


Featuring a juicy, flavour-packed beef patty, topped with heaps of caramelised onions, bacon, and their signature P&B smoky-flavoured mayo, all encased in a soft brioche bun, this is a delicious and great value burger that will leave you very happily satisfied.


Burger & Beyond


If you’re craving magnificent, Instagram-worthy burgers that glisten with fat, drip with gooey cheese, and framed by a pillow-soft sandwich of sesame-topped buns, head to Burger & Beyond. The burgers taste just as good as they look so you’ll want to dive in quickly, once you’ve managed to capture that perfect, tantalising shot for your feed.


There are plenty of temptations to try out on their menu, but their stand-out offering has to be the Bacon Butter Burger, featuring deliciously pink day-aged beef, with American cheese, crispy Pancetta bacon, and their own Burnt Butter mayo, which oozes into every bite. If you’re feeling greedy, you can upgrade to a double, but just make sure you have the appetite to match.




Hawksmoor is renowned for its steaks, but for a less pricey option, their delicious burgers serve just as well. While they have a range of burgers to try out, their excellent dry-aged British beef is one of the finest you’ll taste in the city. Full of flavour, their burgers are made even better with delicious nuggets of bone marrow infused throughout. Creamy melted cheese, tangy pickles and a warm, toasted bun bring this saliva-inducing treat together wonderfully.


To check out the Hawksmoor burger, you’ll have to head to their Spitalfields or Seven Dials branches at lunchtime, and while it can get busy, it’s well worth the wait.





If you fancy a break from beef, try one of London’s best chicken restaurants, BIRD. Serving up American-style fried chicken, their chicken-based burgers are no less satisfying and packed with plenty of tasty sauces and treats.


Check out their irresistible Nashville Hot burger, featuring tangy Nashville hot sauce, buttermilk ranch and American cheese to give the crisp fried chicken heaps of added taste. Their sides are pretty hard to turn down too, from tempting cheesy Korean hot and spicy sauce covered fries, to heavenly Canadian poutine, with generous amounts of melted cheese curds and gravy.