7 Ways to Entertain Teenagers in London


Everyone remembers the awkward teenage years when everything suddenly became lame and nothing was cool enough. Luckily if you’re heading to London with your adolescent kids, the city is a hub of alternative culture where you can find all kinds of things that even teenagers will love.

Whether you have a rebellious teen who’s into skateboarding and underground art or a young prodigy who loves reading and learning more about the world, you’ll find something to keep them entertained while you’re staying at our budget accommodation London. We thought we’d give you a head start with this handy guide to teenage entertainment in the city.

Street Art

London is a hub of alternative culture and is home to some of the best street art in the world. The underground art scene in London is full of talented creatives who use the city as a canvas to express themselves through their unique illustrations. Take a trip to Camden or Brixton and discover some amazing graffiti that can be found throughout the backstreets and alleyways.

Skate Parks

If your kids are into extreme sports such as skateboarding or roller blading then there are plenty of concrete hotspots around the city where they can show off their skills and interact with the local talent. Head over to South Bank; there you’ll find the underground skate park where London’s famous skate scene was born.

Speedboat tour

Booking a high-speed boat trip across the famous River Thames at the same time as your budget accommodation London is a great way to prepare for your trip if you’re bringing the kids. If they want to truly experience the fast-paced nature of London and create memories they’ll never forget, a high-octane tour along the city’s biggest waterway is sure to do the job.

Camden Town

The shopping scene in Camden Town is legendary and it’s a must-see for alternative teens that are looking to stand out from the crowd. Browse the huge collection of quirky vintage shops, boutiques and market stalls along the streets of Camden Town to find a huge selection of alternative clothes. Be sure to take your wallet because your kids won’t be able to stop themselves from filling up their shopping bags.

Sports tours

If you have teens that are into sports, there is a lot to see and do in London. The city is home to some of the biggest and most famous sports venues in the world and many of them offer guided tours. Head over to Stamford Bridge and explore the grounds of Chelsea FC, or make your way to the famous Twickenham if rugby is more their thing.

Escape Room

It can be awkward finding fun activities that aren’t too childlike for teenagers, but an escape room experience strikes the perfect balance. The immersive games require you to work together and solve clues to escape from a particular room or environment. From World War Two bunkers to abandoned Tube Stations, there are all kinds of escape rooms dotted around the city.

IMAX Waterloo

If all else fails, a trip to the cinema is always a sure-fire way to keep your teenagers entertained, and there’s no better place to go than the BFI IMAX Cinema in Waterloo. Let them pick their favourite flick and spend the night eating popcorn as they stare up in amazement at the biggest screen in Britain.