The 6 Best Waxworks at Madame Tussauds London


Have you ever dreamed about visiting a place where all of your favourite celebrities, historical icons and famous faces are standing together waiting for you to take a selfie with them? Well you don’t need to dream anymore thanks to the selection of stars at Madame Tussauds. The only catch is that they’re made from wax.

The incredible detail and life-like quality of the figures at Madame Tussauds is always a favourite of our guests at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate. If you’re hoping to snap a picture with your favourite celebrity’s waxwork doppelganger, this list will help you figure out who you want to be in your next profile pic…


As a recent entry into the line-up of wax celebrities at Madame Tussauds, Adele is already becoming a popular selfie partner amongst visitors. The expression captured on the face of this waxwork recreation, makes it seem as though you’re standing next to the famous singer herself. Be sure to show us your selfie at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate after you’ve snapped a picture with Adele.

Lady Gaga

You definitely won’t want to miss out on a picture with the appropriately outfitted queen of quirk’s wax twin. Her unique outfit is a replication of what she wore in the video for her song Telephone, in which she collaborated with Beyoncé.

Nelson Mandela

From pop princesses to world leaders, the wax replica of Nelson Mandela is one of the most realistic creations at Madame Tussauds and gives you an opportunity to get a picture with one of the greatest leaders of all time. Although a picture with his waxwork alter-ego will never match up to meeting the great man himself, it will still make a wonderful memento of your time at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate.

Captain America

The original Avenger and his many superhero teammates can be found in the Marvel Secret Command Centre exhibit, providing a perfect photo opportunity for your kids. If you’re a fan of the Marvel movie franchise then be sure to snap a selfie with Steve Rodgers wearing his iconic red, white and blue costume.

Steven Spielberg

Movie buffs and film fans will love this figurine depicting one of the greatest directors in modern cinema. This is another waxwork that is so intricately detailed and lifelike that you could get away with fooling your friends into thinking it’s the real deal. Dressed in the iconic clothes that Spielberg has become famous for, this waxwork statue features a baseball cap, glasses and a brown leather jacket.

Queen Elizabeth II

This is perhaps the most realist replication in the entire museum. Not a hair is out of place and every tiny feature has been accounted for in this amazing recreation of the UK’s monarch. Grab a selfie with this eerily realistic wax sculpture and convince your American friends that you do actually know The Queen herself.