5 Sights to look out for from the London Eye


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a giant rotating metal Ferris wheel in the centre of the country’s biggest city. The London Eye has become one of the most popular spots for tourists visiting the city and has settled itself as part of the iconic London city skyline.

If you’re looking for great budget accommodation London, our luxury suites will put you right in the heart of London and just down the road from the famous Ferris wheel along South Bank. The intricate structure stands at over 443 feet tall, which gives you breathtaking views of the city below. If you’re not sure about taking a ride, here are some of the amazing things to see from the glass bubbles which are sure to convince you.

River Thames

There are many places to see the River Thames in London but none quite like this. A stroll down the South Bank area will uncover some beautiful sights across the river but you haven’t truly experienced London’s famous waterway until you’ve seen it from the top of the London Eye. Being so high up means that you can watch the river stretch all the way to the horizon and the edge of the city limits. Be sure to pack your camera when you head to the Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel and snap a picture of the famous River Thames.

Jubilee Gardens

See one of London’s hidden green gardens with a bird’s eye view as you travel through the air. Jubilee Gardens is located right next to the London Eye, which means you can look down and see all of the people below having fun on the fairground rides and activities in the gardens. If you have a wide angle camera lens be sure to get it out and get some beautiful aerial shots of the gardens.

Westminster Bridge

There are a lot of bridges in London but none of them are quite as iconic as this one. The huge river crossing is used by cars and pedestrians and links South Bank to Parliament Square. The bridge itself was built in 1738 and has stood strong in the heart of London since then. It has also been featured in a number of famous TV shows and films including the memorable scene from Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later where the main character looks out over a completely empty London.

Big Ben

When anyone thinks of London there is usually one landmark that comes to mind; Big Ben. The famous bell, along with the tower that houses it, is arguably London’s most iconic attraction and you can see it like never before from the top of the London Eye. The beautifully intricate designs on the tower make for some gorgeous Instagram photos and the angle from 443 feet couldn’t be any better.

Waterloo Station

Some of the best attractions in London are the historic train stations dotted throughout the city. Waterloo is one of the most famous transport hubs in London and brings millions of people into the city every week. As well as being featured in a number of catchy songs, Waterloo is an iconic building that’s well worth snapping a picture.