5 Fun Ways to Spend the Afternoon in Camden Town

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There are a handful of areas in London so iconic that they’re instantly recognised by people all over the country. Camden is definitely one of them. The area is a hotspot for both locals and tourists who want to explore the cultural mixing pot that is London. The nightlife in Camden Town is famous for its quirky bars and local venues, many of which often host some of the city’s best upcoming talent.

If you’re heading to London in search of a quintessential slice of the capital, your trip would not be complete without taking a Tube ride from the Park Grand Lancaster Gate to the iconic Camden Town. There is much to discover with its vibrant history and bustling community. With so much going on, you might find it difficult to decide what to see first. We’ve put together this list of fun things to do to help you can make the most of your afternoon in Camden Town.


The fashion and retail scene in Camden is famous for its alternative style and diversity. For decades, Camden has pushed the boundaries of fashion and culture in London. The huge selection of quirky boutiques, bustling market stalls and alternative shops will ensure that you find whatever it is you’re looking for. Whether you want to update your wardrobe with some vintage threads or you want to find a quirky souvenir to take home, a stroll down the high-street is the best way to stumble upon a bargain.

Live Music

If you want to witness  the forefront of London’s music scene, Camden is the place to be. The area is known for cultivating some of the city’s best new talent thanks to its array of pubs, clubs and venues that offer an open stage to hopeful rock stars and potential popstars. The venues around Camden have also played host to some of the biggest names in the industry and no matter what genre you’re into, you can always find something you like.

Street performers

The vibrant community and cultural diversity in Camden is what makes it such a hotbed for creatives and performers. Take a stroll down the high street and you’ll see why many people refer to the streets of Camden as a concrete stage. From jugglers and magicians to singers and dancers, the amount of talent on show throughout Camden reflects the amazing spirit and creativity of the local community. You won’t have to travel far to see this amazing talent either thanks to the convenient transport links from Park Grand Lancaster Gate.

Food market

As well as the culture and art, the food scene in Camden is amazing. The cultural diversity really shows through in the type of food you can find as you explore the markets and stalls and glance down the menus of local cafes and eateries. Taste the different flavours of the world, from the Caribbean to Cambodia, as you discover the magic of Camden’s culinary scene.


Camden is a hotspot for artists and designers from all areas of the creative industries. It’s home to some of the best alternative galleries in London where you can find work from some of the city’s most iconic illustrators, as well as plenty of up and coming talent. Why not take pop in to one of the many galleries and street exhibitions to get a real taste of the creativity of Camden?