5 Best Car Hire Companies in London

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There are a plethora of travel guides for the UK, all offering varying advice on everything from the best accommodation in Lancaster, UK to the tastiest burger joints in London. Perhaps it is because of how extensive the public transport network is, or maybe it is how beautiful a city London is to walk or cycle through, but something that is often falling short when it comes to travel guides, however, is a comprehensive list of the best places to hire cars in London. By the end of this article, this will hopefully be rectified. It aims to ensure to ride from the car hire company to your table-booking at the Park Grand restaurant as smooth as they come.


Sometimes we can find ourselves in the “whatever is cheapest” attitude, but this is a dangerous approach when it comes to car hire. Though it is certainly possible that you will find cheap deals at any of the car rental companies mentioned in this article, that is not what makes them the best. It is rather the gravitas that comes along with knowing a company has been involved in the industry for years and that they have all their bases covered. These are all companies that can be trusted. 


Avis Car Rental 


If you have travelled anywhere in Europe and the America’s, you will likely have come across the Avis brand before. The fact that the company is so far-spread is a testimony to its superior service and reliable reputation. You may have even seen a variation of Avis, like Budget Rent a Car, Budget Truck Rental and Zipcar are all part of the Avis Budget Group. It is one of the primary car-hire outlets at London Heathrow Airport and has numerous branches dotted around the city, from Euston to Marble Arch, which is on your doorstep at Park Grand London Lancaster Gate


Avis is also a great option if you have failed to book in advance, because it often has some of the biggest spaces in airport parking lots and the largest variety of cars, meaning they are less likely to be completely sold out as a smaller company might be. 

More info:https://www.avis.co.uk/drive-avis/car-hire-locations/europe/united-kingdom/england/london




The Hertz Corporation was once known as Rent-a-Car Inc. when it was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1918. Now, it is known for a great number of things, namely its fast online check-in and the great deals available on car and van rentals. Ultimately, if time-pressed to make a decision or unsure of what to expect when you arrive in London, it is an obvious, reliable choice and it will make your time in London go down without a hitch – or at least, a car-related one. There are a number of branches scattered across the city almost as regularly as historical landmarks and quirky pop-up stores. They are at all the major airports and are sometimes attached to hotels – or at least, have a relationship with them. If you find yourself wanting to enjoy 4 star hotels Lancaster, UK, then whether or not to trust in a Hertz rental car is one thing you can check off your to-do list – it is an absolute no-brainer. 


More info: https://www.hertz.co.uk/p/car-hire/uk/london




Life is a series of choices, some more complex than others. So when faced with an overwhelming number of choices about which car hire company is best for you in London, you can rest assured knowing that Enterprise is your constant. They are not just London-based gems, but also well-known international go-to’s. Though you will at times be faced with the choice between what seems like a too-good-to-be-true offer from a company you have never heard of, this tends to be a less successful avenue to venture down when it comes to car hire. 


Names like Enterprise carry the weight that they do because of years of commitment to and experience in the car-rental game and this is an almost-tangible feeling as soon as you walk into their offices or sit in the driver’s seat of their cars. 


More info: https://www.enterprise.co.uk/en/car-hire/locations 




If you see that orange Sixt branding flash onto your computer screen or phone, click before it is too late. You can trust Sixt. While a number of these top rental spots are American-founded, this German brand is one of Europe’s legends of the industry. There is a lot to think about when hiring a car: who will be the main driver, how big the boot space will need to be, whether you hire a gear-stick or automatic, what type of car you want, what colour that car should be… The only thing that hardly needs a second’s thought is whether to go for one from Sixt. The simple answer is: you should. 


More info: https://www.sixt.co.uk/




Another Europe-centric rental brand – as the name suggests – is Europcar. It is a French company that was founded in 1949 in Paris and has been going strong ever since. There is a lot to say for car brands that have survived throughout the years. The major thing is that they are clearly experts in adapting to change. While new or up-and-coming brands may have a plan for the immediate, brands like Europcar display evidence of being able to morph into whatever the world needs to keep at the top of their game. So it is not just commitment that shines through heritage, but also resilience. 


More info: https://www.europcar.co.uk


When visiting a buzzing, constantly-active city like London, and you want to hire a car, it is important to have a general understanding of which companies are considered to be the best so you can keep one step ahead. Being well-informed ensures that even when you are deal hunting, you are not being blind-sided or getting involved with a company who fails to prioritise customer service. Ultimately, getting involved with these companies sets you up for a fantastic trip to and around London, in a world-class car.