4 Things to do in Paddington After a Business Meeting

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If you’re visiting London for work or a business meeting, you don’t need to simply skulk off to your hotel room for the night. Staying in Paddington at the Lancaster Gate Hotelthere is plenty to see and discover after you’ve finished with your meeting.

Whether you fancy a relaxing night with a great drink or want to enjoy something a little more lively in the city, London has a huge amount to offer. You’ll also find some great options to help you relax and unwind, ideal when you’ve had a more stressful day of long meetings.

Read on for some great suggestions on how to spend your downtime during your visit to London, once you’re done with work for the day.

Experience a little local culture

London is packed with museums and galleries all over the city, and you’ll find some fascinating ones close by to your Central London AccommodationJust a short walk away from Paddington, you can check out a few of the city’s most popular historic sights, including the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Abbey Road Studios.

sherlock Holmes museum london

The Sherlock Holmes Museum can be found at none other than 221b Baker Street, at the home address of the famous fictional detective. Open every day until 6pm, it’s a great place to explore if you’ve finished early for the day, and want to spend a couple of hours discovering something a little more unique and inspiring. Maintained just as it would have been in Victorian times, you can step back in time, as well as get a closer look at the work of the super sleuth.

For fans of the Beatles, a visit to the famous studios is an absolute must – you can recreate the iconic album cover by heading down the zebra crossing, and make your mark on the studio’s graffiti wall. It’s also worth checking out the studio site ahead of your visit to London to look up events and performances, as you’ll often find fun things to do in the evening here.

Head for a calming walk

Business meetings in London can often be a little stressful and hectic at the best of times, so if you find yourself in need of some peace and calm, head around the corner from the Lancaster Gate Hotel, towards the canals, where you’ll come across an area of Paddington nicknamed “Little Venice.”

Little Venice’s Canals

This pretty and serene neighbourhood can feel like a world away from the fast pace of the city, despite being just a short walk away from the main roads and businesses. It’s best enjoyed on a bright, sunny day, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the canals to clear your thoughts, taking in the sights of pretty houseboats gliding down the water, and lush greenery along the water’s edge. While you’re there, check out local cafés and pubs for a drink or a snack, or head to restaurants in Lancaster for a more substantial meal afterwards.

If you need a little more open-air, you might also like to check out the magnificent Hyde Park, just a short walk away from the hotel. This enormous Royal Park has plenty of space to offer and is a great spot for a brisk morning run to help you get fired up for the day before an important meeting, or a peaceful walk to relax after a busy day in the boardroom. With over 350 acres of greenery, walkways, ponds and ornamental gardens, you’ll discover plenty of room and solitude here to find some calmness and serenity, and get away from the noise of the city.

It’s also worth looking up events taking place in Hyde Park in the evening, as there will often be a variety of things on to enjoy, such as live performances, music festivals, markets and other activities.

Enjoy a relaxing drink or dinner

Whether you want to celebrate an important work achievement, or simply unwind, Paddington has plenty of fantastic bars and restaurants to choose from. You’ll find a wide selection of cuisines and styles to choose from, including classic Italian food where you can enjoy a laidback pizza or pasta dish, to more upscale restaurants and bars.


If you’re heading out with your work team, make sure you book ahead in advance to ensure that you’re not left disappointed, as restaurants in the area can often get busy, especially when you’re with a larger group. But with a great number of eateries within the local area, it’s hard not to find something to tempt you.

Afterwards, be sure to check out the local bars for a drink or two. As well as being a great way to unwind, it’s also a perfect place to check out London’s nightlife, and you’ll often find a variety of exceptional cocktails and brews on offer.

Have an alternative night out

If a quiet night doesn’t quite appeal to you, the good news is that you don’t have to venture far from Paddington to experience some of London’s more lively nightlife.

Check out the nearby QUEENS skate and bowl venue, which features all kinds of classic fun, including an ice skating rink, bowling alley, ice karting, retro arcade games and more.

It’s the perfect place to head to if you’re in the city with a group of colleagues and can be a great place to blow off a little steam and get to know each other a little better. And if you’re in the city for an important work event as a group, it’s also possible to make a reservation for a private event.

As well as plenty of fun, you’ll also find a well-stocked bar next to the rink, as well as tasty snacks and classic fast food to choose from. Make sure you book yourself in with London Hotel Deals with Breakfast Included to enjoy an easy start the next morning though, especially if you have a busy day of meetings to get on with!