4 Secret Spots To Visit Near Notting Hill


Despite being one of the biggest and busiest cities in the country, there’s a lot more to London than meets the eye. The historic capital is home to a number of places that often get overlooked in the daily tourist race to visit the most famous attractions in town.

Colorful houses in Notting Hill district in London

If you’re looking to experience a different side of London and see what the smaller places have to offer, be sure to visit the famous Notting Hill district. Located a short way from Lancaster Gate hotels, the affluent area of Notting Hill is home to some of the most beautifully quaint places in the city. Follow our guide to the secret spots of Notting Hill and discover a quieter side of London.

Chepstow Villas

Notting Hill, London

This quiet little street is a far cry from the hectic bustle of bigger areas like Oxford Street. As you stroll along the pavement you’ll discover a plethora of quaint shops and boutiques that are sure to catch your eye. The gorgeous little antique shops along Chepstow Villas hold all kinds of beautiful trinkets and gifts. Browse quaint bookshops and china shops without the rushing crowds and endless queues.
Take your camera and snap some photographs of the gorgeous architecture and intricate stonework on the houses. With plenty of hidden gems to find, this is a must see if you decide to visit our Paddington hotels London.

How to get to Chepstow Villas

Elgin Crescent

Notting Hill, London
Another one of Notting Hill’s hidden gems, Elgin Crescent is one of the area’s most colourful spots. Talk a walk past the beautiful terrace houses and browse the vibrant street stalls that are selling fresh fruit and flowers. Treat your loved one to a bouquet of fresh posies as you spend the afternoon holding hands and strolling through Notting Hill. Take in the intoxicating smells of the local food vendors on Elgin Crescent, who can often be found dishing up all sorts of vibrant food.

How to get to Elgin Crescent

Golborne Road

Notting Hill, London
If you’re looking to experience the rich social culture and bustling nature of London without getting swamped by crowds or caught up in excessive queues, a stroll down Golborne Road on a Saturday afternoon will provide the perfect balance of excitement and relaxation. From Portuguese pastry vendors to antique gift shops, you’ll find all sorts of ways to spend your time and money. The bustling community is full of friendly faces making Golborne Road the perfect place to socialise and meet new people.

How to get to Golborne Road

The Travel Bookshop

Blenheim Crescent, London
This gorgeous boutique-style bookshop in the heart of Notting Hill is a hot spot for travellers and was the inspiration behind the iconic bookshop that Hugh Grant would frequent in the Notting Hill film. Here you can find all kinds of travel books, as well as a selected few from other genres. The shop regularly hosts author events and special guest nights so be sure to stop by and see what’s happening.

How to get to The Travel Bookshop