4 Great attractions in London’s South Bank


London’s South bank is a delightful part of the city, which features the river peninsula, the London Dome and much more. Travellers visiting the city often spend a lot of their time in central London, and likely visit this part of the capital. But do they experience it to its fullest? That depends on whether they have enough information to begin with. That’s why we’ll be aiming to provide you with the contextual insight you need, to make your visit to London’s South Bank as good as it can be.

The London EYE

You likely have heard all about this attraction. But nonetheless we feel it’s apt to provide a little information, which you might have not come across before. For instance, visitors can have a special champagne experience with fast track access, perfect for a romantic evening. The views are fantastic any time of the day, but we recommend a late sunset visit for the most splendid experience possible.


The SEA Life London Aquarium

Located on the ground floor of the County hall, this attraction often goes amiss in travellers’ itineraries. With a recently developed penguin point now open, and a myriad of aquatic sea life to discover, this is one of those perfect attractions for families who are looking to experience something that’s a little different to what they’re used to.

London O2 Dome – Climbing Experience

For the adventure minded traveller, the o2 climbing experience is one of our top picks for a way to get both a fantastic view of the city and an adrenaline fuelled experience. Visitors will be taken on an upward journey right to the top of the dome.

O2 Arena

Skylark Galleries

For those looking for an immersive insight into culture, we recommend the small Skylark Galleries. Visitors can enjoy meeting with the artists who work in the gallery on a rota basis. In that sense, it may be more appealing for those who always want to learn about the thinking that went behind a certain piece.

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