3 Science Themed Attractions to Add to Your Itinerary

science museum

London has been the UK’s centre of science and technology for hundreds of years. Some of the smartest minds in history have lived and worked in the city so it’s no coincidence that London is also home to the best and most famous scientific institutions and museums in the country.

If you want to experience the treasure trove of scientific knowledge that London and the surrounding areas have to offer, why not take advantage of one of our hotel deals in Lancaster Gate? If you are planning your trip, here are our top three science themed attractions to squeeze into your schedule.

Crossness Pumping Station

London has firmly established itself as a hotspot for technological advancements in the UK and Europe. A quick look back through the archives shows that this reputation is firmly rooted in the industrial revolution. During this period of economic and social transition, a number of new machines and inventions were developed which massively improved living standards and production speeds.

One of the most important innovations of this era came from a Victorian civil engineer named Joseph Bazalgette, who was responsible for creating the Crossness Pumping Station. The metal miracle was designed to drain sewage from the River Thames at a time when the build-up of waste had resulted in an overwhelming stench pervading the city.

The Pumps are housed in a Victorian-style unit which is a piece of art in itself, with amazing structures and intricate ironwork. If you want to see where the roots of London’s technical prowess lie, it all starts here – you can visit Crossness easily from the Park Grand Lancaster Gate during your stay. Just for little more information for the tourists who are visiting London for the fist time, they can avail the hotel deals in lancastergate to make the most of the London trip.

Old Operating Theatre

As well as leading the evolution of industrial technologies, London was also responsible for many advancements in the field of medicine. The Victorian era saw many innovations and discoveries that improved the quality of healthcare in the UK. Many techniques of the time may seem outdated by today’s standards but they paved the way for some of the most important advancements in modern medicine.


The Old Operating Theatre on St Thomas’ Street, located just south of the river Thames, gives science buffs the chance to learn about Victorian medicine. If you’ve taken advantage of one of our hotel deals in Lancaster Gate, you can get the Tube, bus or hail a cab for your visit.

The refurbished museum is an exact replica of a Victorian operating theatre and stays true to 19th century standards. Visitors will get the chance to witness traditional surgical techniques and browse the collection of vintage equipment.

Royal Observatory

Royal Observatory, Greenwich Park

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich is one of the country’s most important scientific sites. It was first opened in 1675 by Charles II, and later developed the GMT standard. The historic site is made up of a series of buildings, including a huge dome structure which houses the UK’s largest refracting telescope. The museum contains one of the world’s biggest displays of astronomical equipment. Star gazers will feel right at home exploring the amazing collection of scientific instruments, which ranges from vintage tools to cutting-edge technology.