3 Reasons to Visit Regent’s Park


Our capital is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This massive concrete jungle is home to a vast multitude of attractions including thousands of shops, stunning architecture, unrivalled entertainment venues and a huge diversity of restaurants, eateries and food stalls.

Sometimes, however, this enormous array of buildings can be a tad overwhelming, and you may feel like leaving your room at The Park Grand London Lancaster Gate simply for a stroll in the park to experience nature in all its glory.

London has multiple parks for those looking to escape the urban sprawl, but which one to choose? Many immediately flock to London’s most famous green getaway, Hyde Park, and overlook the similarly splendid Regent’s Park a mere mile away. Here’s three reasons you should check out this glorious park on your travels in our capital.

Regents Park

Sports and leisure

If you’re looking to really stretch your legs after a comfortable night’s sleep at the Lancaster Gate Hotel London then Regent’s Park is the place to be. The park is home to The Hub, which is the largest outdoor sports facility in London and has pitches available for hire for football, rugby, cricket and lacrosse, as well as multiple tennis courts, exercise classes and netball courts.

We know all this exercise is likely to work up an appetite, which is why you’ll love visiting the conveniently-located Hub café to grab a bite to eat before heading back to The Park Grand London Lancaster Gate.

Don’t fancy a spot of sport? Taking a trip on one of the peddalos or rowing boats on the shimmering Regent’s Park lake makes for a brilliant change of pace and the perfect way to relax and simply enjoy nature after a long day on your feet. There’s a separate children’s lake in the park too, making this a great attraction for all the family.

Primrose Hill

Found on the northern side of Regent’s Park, this 213-foot hill holds one of the most spectacular views in all of London for those willing to climb it. The surrounding trees are kept low so as not to obscure the breath-taking cityscape from the top which lays out the whole of London in spectacular fashion. Primrose Hill was actually used as a duelling spot in our capital’s medieval past. Fortunately, it has a much gentler purpose now and is a popular spot amongst tourists and Londoners alike.


Perhaps the greatest thing about Regent’s Park is the terrific array of wildlife you’ll find here. Boasting around 200 species of bird and more than 650 waterfowl, Regent’s Park is brimming with animals that visitors of all ages will love spotting. Other creatures you’ll commonly see here include foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels and mice, and a large number of fish, frogs, toads and newts also call Regent’s Park their home, making this the must-visit park for animal lovers in the capital.