10 Important things to look for in a London hotel


In a city like London it can be hard to find the best hotel for your needs due to the overwhelming amount of choice. People spend hours searching through countless websites in search of the perfect hotel to suit their trip itinerary and planned activities and it can be a little overwhelming. If you’re a business person looking to quickly book a hotel then it can be frustrating sifting through hundreds of choices. This often results in disappointment when you find that the hotel you booked didn’t live up to your expectations or requirements. To avoid disappointment, keep our must haves for a business hotel in London close to hand. It provides an essential checklist of criteria so you can be sure your must haves for a business hotel are all met, allowing you to get on with your work in comfort.

Location, Location, Location 

Location is one of the most important things to consider when looking for a hotel, especially if you’re travelling for business. Locations close to major train stations such as Paddington will make it easier to access, which is handy for those visiting London for the first time. Look for hotels that are located close to your point of entry into the city to maximise convenience and make the most of shorter trips.


A hotel will serve as your home away from home while visiting London, so it’s important that you pick somewhere that you will be comfortable. Clean rooms with comfortable beds are a must. Hotel websites will usually feature pictures that will give you a good sense of whether the room is comfortable. Luxury bedding and temperature controls are also signs of a room that you will comfortable in.

Added extras

It is always nice to feel like you are paying for more than just four walls and a bed. Look for hotels that go the extra mile to make your stay more enjoyable. Wi-Fi is essential for anyone looking to work away from home. Other complimentary items such as bath robes, fruit and tea are all signs of a premium hotel.


The style of a hotel can say a lot about the experience they offer. Although this will be down to personal preference, there are certain things which can be signs of a quality room. More contemporary designs show that a hotel is dedicated to updating their rooms and maintaining a high level of quality.

Easy booking

With the huge number of comparison websites out there, booking a hotel can be a complicated process. Look for a hotel that lets you book direct with ease. A simple interface that lets you choose dates and room requirements is the sign of a well organised hotel that will provide a seamless and professional service.


You will spend a lot of time at you’re hotel, so it helps if they offer features other than just a bed and a bath. No one wants to wake up and have to travel miles to eat breakfast, so look for hotels that have in-house restaurants or cafes. Laundry facilities may also come in very handy if you’re planning an extended stay.


The cost of a hotel is usually the deciding factor for most people. It is important to get good value for your money when looking for somewhere to stay. You can always expect to spend a little extra when you stay in London but it’s still possible to live in luxury without spending a fortune. Look for hotels that offer special packages and discounts, allowing you to save money without compromising on quality.


The internet can offer you streams of pictures and information about hotels but you never truly know what’s in store until you get there. Customer reviews can help you get a better idea of what a hotel is actually like. Hotels with high ratings and positive customer feedback are what you should look for.


It may not be that often you get to stay in a London hotel, so why not make your stay memorable? There are plenty of establishments that offer the same old four walls with a generic wallpaper and bland décor. Try to find a hotel that has a unique personality and will be more than just a place to sleep.


The size of the room you require will depend on your needs but it’s nice to have a good amount of space so that you don’t feel confined. Pictures should give you an idea of how big the rooms are, and some websites will give you a breakdown of the size.

With these must haves for a business hotel, you’re all set to book the perfect room for your next trip!