10 Facts You Didn’t Know About London Underground Tube Station


If you’re visiting London and stay in one of our hotels near Lancaster Gate Tube station, the chances are you’ll be using the London Underground to get around the city. As well as being essential to the city itself, London’s Underground is actually one of the oldest transportation networks in the world. It has built up a reputation for being one of the best and one steeped in history. However, despite thousands of people using Underground each and every day, not everyone is aware of the fun facts that surround it. You might not think a transportation hub would be fascinating but, this network is intrinsic to the history of London and has some incredible tales to tell.

  • If you’re planning to use the Underground to travel throughout the city during your stay with us, brush up on your knowledge and learn a little more about this amazing transportation system with our top 10 facts you (probably) didn’t know…
  • The average speed of a train on The London Underground is 20.5 miles per hour. This isn’t true of the whole line though and in certain places, the trains can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.
  • Many stations were used as air raid shelters during the Second World War and acted as a safe place for the city’s residents to hide when the city was bombed.
  • If all the tunnels and tracks were added together in a line, the total length of the London Underground would be a staggering 250 miles.
  • The majority of the London Underground is outside and only 45% of it is actually contained within tunnels.
  • The first baby to ever be born on the Tube happened in 1924. The child was born on board a train at Elephant and Castle on the Bakerloo Line.
  • A number of buskers can be heard throughout London’s Underground stations. Since 2003, busking has been licensed and buskers must audition and have a permit that allows them to perform at Tfl stations. It is rumoured that both Sting and Paul McCartney have busked on the Underground at one time or another so keep your eyes and ears open, you never know who you might encounter when walking to your stop.
  • A number of Tube stations are built on historical grounds. For example, Aldgate Station is built on a large pit where over 1,000 bodies of people who died of the Plague are buried.
  • Over the years, a whole host of different creatures have been found in the London Underground system including grass snakes, deer, birds and bats.
  • When the London Underground was first built, the trains were steam powered. Of course, as time went on and transport and technology developed, the old fashioned trains and carriages were replaced with more up to date and energy friendly alternatives.
  • Jerry Springer, the American talk show host, was born at East Finchley during the Second World War after his mother took shelter inside the station to avoid an impending air raid attack.

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